Thursday, September 15, 2016

Coming soon...

I am so excited to get to share some exciting news with all of my wonderful followers and readers of The South Coast Movement...

First, let me start off by giving you a little backstory. When I first created this blog, it was fully intentional for it to be just a part time hobby. I had been reading and following blogs since graduating college, and the one thing I always loved about reading about other bloggers and their life and experiences was that I walked away feeling inspired, motivated, and excited to try new things. Whether that meant traveling to a new exotic destination or trying out a new coffee shop down the street, I loved the positive vibe and connection I made with each of the writers I followed. Since high school, I always had a love and passion for clothes and fashion, and I had really started creating my own style and felt passionate about staying true to that and maintaing a positive way in which I carried myself and lived life. In college is where I truly solidified that way of life, and I stayed passionate about always striving to want and work hard to get everything that life has to offer. In college, I had a few different passions, I loved my major of Psychology and Child Development and was very passionate about living my life to work as an advocate for children; but, I also happened to be in the clothing retail industry and I loved that as well. Ultimately, my career path took me down the route of working with children. I always wanted fashion to remain 'fun' for me, as it was truly a hobby to follow trends and designers, so it made complete sense for me to follow my heart and work for and with children. After college, I took some time to figure out what I wanted to do with my career, I spent a year doing child/family therapy, and in the end found myself gravitating back to my career in preschool which I had also done while in college. Again, I followed my heart, taught for a few years, and eventually worked my way up into teaching and management in preschool. That was my life. My students, my job, and my role in each child's life was my heart and soul, I loved what I did and I was so proud of my work. But even then, something was always missing. 

After Darshan and I got married (almost five years ago, wow!), we decided to hold off on having children and put our focus into building our careers, our business, and traveling as much as possible. We are pretty proud of the fact that we visited 6 countries in 2 years; when we said we wanted to travel, we meant it! As I mentioned previously, I loved what I did for work, I loved the life and foundation I was building with my husband, I was excited for kids (but not quite ready for one), but something else was still always missing. 

I would get messages, texts, emails, and comments on my social media pages from friends and strangers all the time asking where I got certain clothing items I was wearing. Family and friends would frequently call me or message me for style advice - what stores to shop at for certain items, what to wear to an interview, concerts, etc. - you name it, I was always getting asked fashion advice. People would come to our house and ask where I got decor pieces, I would get so many sweet compliments on interior, and I truly never even realized the impression I was making on others. Once D and I started traveling, the comments and questions came flooding in even more, I had made my Instagram public so I would get comments from brands about reposting some of my images, and more and more people were telling me I should create a space where I could just share everything for everyone to see in one spot. That is where blogging came in. Again, I had already been following a couple of bloggers and loved how they inspired me, so one day I had a very long and serious talk with Darshan and mentioned how I was thinking about starting a blog of my own; the reaction I got was not what I expected. I thought he was going to think it was silly (as it is SO out of character for me to like being in the spotlight) and I didn't think he would see the purpose... but instead, HE was so excited and told me it was something I should have done WAY earlier!! As always, he was truly the extra push I needed to try something new that I was a little bit scared of. One thing led to another, and within just a few months, The South Coast Movement was created. 

I finally had that side hobby I hadn't even realized I needed. I had an outlet, something to free up my pent up creative ideas, and something I felt so excited and passionate about that made me feel like I was truly doing something good and bringing some positivity to the internet world. The name 'The South Coast Movement' was created by Darshan, we had this idea of creating a space and an impact, a 'movement' in our life, other people's life, and our community. We were new business owners, I worked with the youth in our community, and at the time, it made sense and sounded cool. 

Fast forward two years later, and that super fun and amazing hobby has become a super fun and amazing side gig. Between tracking and documenting my pregnancy, sharing mine and Darshan's travel diaries, sharing my style and fashion tips, and paving my way through the blogging world as a new mom and sharing that journey in an open forum, I have been so fortunate to connect and grow my brand and build up readers and followers which I never imaged would be possible. I started this blog for family, friends, and truly just myself as a means of having an 'online journal' that I hoped would inspire maybe a couple of people along the way; but so far what I have obtained is beyond anything I could have ever imagined. This blog, my baby, is my heart, my journey, and my passion. It keeps me fueled, restores my motivation when it is running low, and allows me to connect with so many other amazing people in this industry who inspire me daily. For that I am thankful. 

With this growing blog, and the idea and desires to spread my passion and help it to grow even more, I recently decided to expand my content. With that comes The South Coast Movement facelift. I am so excited to share that with the work of my amazing and close friend Janell of JCO Web Design, I will be relaunching a new website soon... the new website will have so many amazing new features: shop tabs, category tabs, basically everything to make browsing my blog SO MUCH MORE reader friendly, hallelujah for that! Also, one more BIG announcement... The South Coast Movement will now be

South Coast Style

Yup, along with a new website, layout, design, and hopefully more inspiring posts, I decided to do a complete overhaul and changed my name to fit more with my personal and blog style. Why? Because it is something I have been wanting to do for a loooong time, it is more 'me' and more definitive of everything I share - my style, my South Coast Style. 

I can not wait to share the link and launch with all of you soon!!! For now, I will be focused on the back-end side of building the new site. Follow me along on Instagram for more daily inspiration and for up to date information on the new site and the rest of my social media channels, @southcoaststyleoc.

I hope you will continue to follow me along on this exciting journey. My hope is to continue to bring you new, fun, and engaging content that will inspire and generate positivity. I can not wait to see where this journey takes me, and I am thankful to each one of my readers for always being the biggest motivators in it all for me!

For you, I am thankful...

With love,