Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Summer Still in Full Effect

top || pants || shoes, sold out, similar here

I have been well aware that so many of my peers have started sharing some gorgeous Fall style inspiration, and while I love everything I am seeing so far in Fall trends... my heart is not ready to let summer go. It is August, and if we are being real here, this is California... we won't be seeing anything even remotely close to fall weather for at least another two months! Honestly, I am ok with that, I am still in summer mode and my style lately is 100% proof of that. I snagged these adorable pants a few weeks ago and they have since gone on sale, they were already a phenomenal deal to begin with, but now they are less than $16, whaaaat! The quality is pretty great for the price, they are super comfortable, but the quality is nice enough to wear for a dressier occasion like I styled it here. They run true to size, there is an elastic waistband so they are a pretty safe bet.

These are honestly the best interchangeable pants I have, they looked so wonderful over the weekend for brunch paired with this gorgeous OTS blouse (also an insane steal) and heels, but to stay I wore this look with heels all day would not be true. I actually went home and switched this look up to run some errands, I threw on some sneakers and a tee and loved the look just as much. Next week I will be sharing those pictures with you because I thought as much as I write about how easy it is to change the look of an item, I better start showing it!

I am so excited to share that I am currently in the process of some HUGE changes here on the blog... I am doing my best to always provide the best content I can, and in doing so, when I see some things need to be updated, I am sure to make that happen; be sure to check back for some major improvements soon!! I can't share too much yet, but it is exciting to be on this journey and I look forward to sharing some exciting things with you over the next month!

This look the first of two ways with part two coming to you next week, 
be sure to check back for it!

With love,