Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday Motivation

This being the first of this new blog series, this week's Motivation Monday share: 
Operation Keep Baby Busy...

One may think that it is all fun and games being home with your little one: sleeping in every morning, freedom to come and go as you please, no 'boss' to answer to... but the truth, as any parent who is home with their kids can agree with, is it can be so much more complicated and difficult than one could understand, and most of the ideas that people have about parents who stay home with their kids are so much further from the truth than you would think. As much as this is the best job we could ever ask for, it is also one of the most difficult. It takes a ton of personal discipline, constant patience, and the strongest ability to be completely selfless, as you give up a ton of your own personal agenda to keep the little ones busy throughout the day (for their, and your own sanity).

I have a background in Early Childhood Development and spent 10 years teaching preschoolers, and one of the main things I learned over years in the business: structure is key and a child is never too young to learn. 

Having an 18 month old around the house can make for some interesting days. As Raj gets older, what I have found is that the days I am able to provide a fluid, engaged, and enriching environment, the happier and more mellow his behavior is throughout the entire day will be. On the days that we begin our mornings with an activity - Gymboree, story time at the book store, music class, etc. the entire rest of the day runs infinitely smoother. The mornings we miss a class or our morning routine and schedule is thrown off, we can say farewell to a peaceful afternoon. 

With that being said, I am always trying to find new creative and exciting ways to keep Raj busy when we are stuck at home. As he gets older, I am noticing patterns in his interests and preferred activities: he is very task oriented and thrives on operational activities. He loves emptying his Hot Wheels out of baskets and bins and lining them up then putting them back away, he loves filling our living room urn with toys and goodies, and he loves moving things from one space in a room to the other and then back again - he is definitely a busy bee and his brain is constantly in exploratory mode. In order to help him continue to thrive and to keep his mind focused and from getting bored (which often leads to trouble), I have been looking online for new actives and projects to do with him. I wanted to share some of the activities I have found because not only is it great for your little one's brain development, it is nice to have some help keeping them preoccupied so Mom to get a few minutes to get some things done around the house (or sit next to them and read a book - lead by example, mamas!).

(photo taken at one of our favorite places, Island Tales)

Fun activities for little ones:

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Happy Monday, stay motivated friends!

With love,