Tuesday, April 19, 2016

This is 30

With my 30th Birthday in just a few days, I wanted to take the time to think about and write down all of the things I am excited for in this next chapter of my life. I have found that most people dread getting older, and fear turning 30 even more, but there is something exciting about starting a new decade to me. I remember when I turned 10 and my dad made the biggest deal about the fact that I was 'a full decade old' so maybe that excitement and idea of placing importance on each decade has framed my way of thinking. I decided instead of making a 'goals' list that it would be fun to make a list of all of the things I am excited to experience. Goals and resolutions are always wonderful, and I never plan to stop making those, but I want my thirties to be more about living and loving the life I worked so hard to build in my 20's!

1. Living life, and not just sprinting through it.

2. Watching my son grow older.

3. Building an empire with my husband.

4. Making more dreams a reality.

5. Growing our family (not quite yet, though).

6. More travels.

7. Meeting & making new friends.

8. Working hard (yes, I am looking forward to working hard).

9. Strengthening relationships with family and friends.

10. Sending Raj off to Kindergarten...
am I really excited for that? I don't know, but the day will be so surreal, I almost don't even know how I will feel, but I do know I am excited for that day.

If you haven't already, investing in a great draped vest is a must. You can throw it over a dress (especially if that dress is on repeat) to change the look up, or wear a vest over a plain tee and pants like I did to add a little bit more style to a very basic ensemble. This is my mom uniform and I love that although I feel comfortable and flexible, that I still look put together and stylish!

Hope you're having a wonderful week... let the countdown to 30 begin!!!

With love,

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