Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sun Responsibly

With the warmer months come all of the things I love: water play, beach days, watermelon, relaxing in the sunshine... and the need to purchase endless amounts of sunscreen! I take sun care very serious; in High School my Nana passed away from skin cancer, and just a year later my mom was diagnosed with melanoma and won her battle (thankful every day). Although I am of Latin decent, my family has pretty sensitive and fair skin, and on top of that, who wants to take the chance anyways?! 
Plus, wrinkles! 

A great sunscreen is vital for everyone in your family. I lather it on Raj daily, never put makeup on without it, and D seriously wears it like its going out of style. Of course, the vanity reasons are important to us, but most of all for me, the health reasons. Raj picked up my family's sensitive and lighter skin tone so I tend to be very particular about putting it on him. Living at the beach has its pluses, but also comes with responsibility - mainly taking care of our skin! 

I decided to share a collection of some of our family's favorite sunscreen that each of the three of us use regularly:

for Mama:

tinted for Mama:

for Dad (D's personal favorites):

for Baby:

All of these are great for all skin types. I have super sensitive skin and have used every sunscreen I listed and have had zero reaction. They all work great, and when it comes to such an important matter, I would never recommend anything I haven't personally used or don't trust with my own family. Talking skin protection is so important, so whichever is your favorite, be sure to use it daily and reapply throughout the day, especially for your little ones and anytime you're playing in water!!

Happy sunny day!!

With love,