Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Layout Inspiration

There truly is nothing like a great layout to kick you into gear for the day. When I was younger I would pick out my clothes the night before school every evening, I would write down in my school calendar what I was wearing for the next day, and kept a log of when and where I wore each outfit so that I didn't repeat it within a week. I mean, can we talk about little miss diva over here, jeeeez Louise! 

Favorite denim shorts, check. 
(did you snag them at the Shopbop sale last week?)

Pop of red, check. 

Lace up blouse, double check! 
(and even better at under $15)

Am I alone in feeling like there is something comforting and inspiring about laying out your clothes and ensembles for the next day? It just seems to make mornings go by so much easier, especially now that I have another 2 ft. tall tiny human to think for!

With love,

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