Wednesday, March 9, 2016

empowering my peers.

In case you didn't know, yesterday was International Women's Day, which was basically a day celebrating women in all of their glory and greatness. Taking into thought what it means to be a woman, what it means to be strong, courageous, and everything else we entail, I had an epiphany that one of the greatest things about being a female is empowering other women. I think women get a bad reputation for being perceived as always be competitive and catty with one another and knocking each other down, but I actually think that is further from the truth than it seems. Maybe I have been fortunate to be surrounded by strong and encouraging women in my life, but I can honestly say that I have seen less of women tearing each other down than cheering each other on. In my experience, I have witnessed great friendship, empowerment, and the ability to positively influence one another, from family members, to friends, co-workers, and socially. 

I decided to do something empowering, and hopefully impactful, to show my support for other women. Instead of beating anyone down, criticizing, or feeling the need to compete or complain about the blogging world, I am deciding here and now to uplift, cheer on, and encourage those who are out there doing what I am doing... following their hearts and chasing their dreams and making them a reality. In order to show my support for my fellow blogger gals, I am going to take one day per week over the next few weeks to share some of my favorite fellow bloggers out there. I know some of my readers who are family and friends are new to following blogs, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to share some of the other bloggers who inspire me, keep me motivated, and who can hopefully do the same for you. Of course, my lists are just a really short list of the many that are out there, and honestly they are all equally great, but these are just some of the ones that I have followed religiously over the last couple of years and who I am always sure to check in regularly with. 

One of the first bloggers I followed and my go-to girl for cool, easy to wear style, and daily outfit inspirations... she embodies the entire package I would love to be and can make even sweats look amazing and fashionably chic, now that is skill!

Considered the number 1 most influential blogger in the world and an Italian babe to the core... if you love fashion forward looks and following globe trotters, she is your girl!

I have always felt like her style was most similar to mine, I love that she is girly but will add an edgy piece to spice up her look... she doesn't take fashion too serious and yet she is always so up to date with trends and style, she is the ultimate chic queen.

California meets fashion week queen and the ultimate babe, Shea looks like the Cali girl next door but has the fashion sense of the editor of every fashion magazine... she sticks true to keeping an individual style and adds funky pieces to the mix but makes it look so effortless and easy, it also helps that she is pretty witty and entertaining.

These Australian beauties make being best friends look fashionable, they run a site dedicated to all things fashion and style and have such a unique style ranging from every day beach wear to high end designer, individually and together these two are so fashionably inspirational. 

A true blue New Yorker in every sense... I can not get enough of this girl, she has so easily become a favorite of mine from her phenomenal shoe and handbag collection to her simple yet incredibly chic style, I seriously live for this girl!

Remember to check back over the next few weeks as I share more of my favorite bloggers. I want to try my best to hit every category - fashion, mommy, interior design, and local gals - in hopes of helping you find new women to cheer on and support along with me. Blogging and social media careers were built on supporting one another and internet support of our peers, time to bring that back and spread the good word and continue to build one another up! 

I challenge you to share the love and support and uplift another female in your life today...

With love,