Friday, March 25, 2016

BMP: Cool Kicks

One of this year's biggest trends is rocking those old school all white sneakers just like those rappers straight outta the 90's. I personally am not afraid to admit that the 90's are my favorite era, from music, movies, television shows, and especially the fashion. Give me some white sneakers, a sunflower dress, and throw on that Ice Cube and call it a good day. It has been so cool to see this 90's trend reemerge recently, so I thought what better theme for this week's Bargain, Modest, Premium than the year's hottest trend!

one // two // three

one // two // three

one // two // three

With love,

Here are some looks to give you some inspiration for your new sneaks...
(all images via Pinterest, follow me amandaUblog)