Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentine's Day for the Class Party

Every parent knows that whether you and your spouse or friends celebrate Valentine's Day or not, most kiddos can not wait to celebrate it with their little friends. When I was a preschool teacher, I always loved how excited my students got over Valentine's Day and how they loved expressing their love for everyone they knew, it really was one of the sweetest things to experience. I always thought it was interesting that Valentine's Day pulled in the excited ranks along side the really 'big' holidays like Halloween and Christmas, it truly was a hit.

Now that I have my little guy, I like to make Valentine's Day special for him. My mom has always done the same for myself and my siblings, and even to this day she is always sure to get us some chocolate and gets all of the grandkids a little something and I love making him my special Valentine every year. Even though Raj isn't in school yet, I have always taken him to some sort of event or function where he could pass out some VDay cards. Last year we went to the class party at the preschool I used to work at, and this year we will be attending a little event for Rajan's Gymboree class. I like to make my Valentine's Day gifts easy for me to put together (maybe one day when Raj can do them himself they can get a little more intricate), and I also like to make sure they are something besides candy. It is not hard to realize that besides Halloween, Valentine's Day tends to be one of the more sugary celebrations, and now that I have my little one I know I would appreciate Raj not coming home with too much candy, a little bit is always ok, but it is fun to get a little creative and give some other options as well!

Since we take being a good friend pretty seriously around here, we wanted to share some of our best 'non-candy' Valentine's Day treats with you, but don't tell the little ones it came from us, haha!

Aren't these Converse just to die for?! They fit Rajan's spunky personality 100%!

(wild guy)

Here are Rajan's Valentine's for his pals...

A few non-candy gift ideas:
individual packed crackers 
snack pack cookies
chapstick (for the older kids)
bouncy balls
washable tattoos 

Hope you have fun shopping for your little ones!!

With love,

on raj:
Mama Said Tees 'be a good friend' || Zara denim || Converse Chuck Taylor low top sneaker