Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Stay Chic, Mama

Wait, when did Wednesday show up, what is really going on with the days flying so quickly here...?! 

I would love to have some sort of funny or witty story to share with you, some fantastic, big and fun adventure from this last three day weekend about why I haven't posted yet this week, but the truth is, I don't. We have been happy hosts to family over the last couple of weekends which has been a ton of fun; but what hasn't been so much fun is an ever-growing picky-with-food 14 month old who is teething and learning how to control his emotions. I just don't get it, if someone handed me a plate of freshly cooked zucchini, noodles, and all-natural free range chicken, you better believe I would happily take it and eat it; but my son?! No chance. Ritz crackers, yogurt bites, and cheerios on the other hand - oh yes, all day every day. Think I could get away with allowing him to be on a Cheerio diet?

 Brain and muscle development, who needs that?!

This vest, however, I have zero complaints about. When I first saw it at Nordstrom I knew I had to have it, it was definitely love at first sight. It is so versatile, I love the color and love that it looks just as great styled like this with pants and a tee for a casual weekend look as it will with a pretty dress this Spring and Summer. 

I feel as though cool hats are pretty much in the "Mom 101: must have items" handbook. They are so perfect for those late nights and early mornings and the days when doing a full hair wash and blow dry just are not in the schedule. Throw a hat on and the young think you're still hip, meanwhile the mom sitting in the booth next to you in her beanie totally gets it! Everyone wins and you look great, way to stay chic, mama!

I have been thinking really hard lately about the type of content I want to incorporate on the blog. Of course, fashion is always my number one passion, but I want to make sure I am always trying my best to push myself out of my safe zone, meanwhile providing you with interesting, fun, and positive and uplifting content. If there is anything you have been looking for from me, things you have questions about or want me to share more of, I would love to hear your feedback! I feel fortunate that I have this little space on the internet and I want to make sure I do my best with it that I can!

With love,

vest // Topshop
tee // Old Navy
denim // Topshop
Shoes // ShoeMint
Bag // Coach

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