Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sleep Tight

Who doesn't love a pretty pajama? Even better is when beauty meets comfort. I have always been a fan of having nice bedtime attire simply because after the makeup comes off and the hair goes up, the one thing I at least want to feel great about is what I am sleeping in. When I was younger, and admittedly on occasion now, I don't mind throwing on an old concert tee and sweatpants for the ultimate of "bum" nights, but since I have gotten older, I love nothing more than a pretty nightie. 

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If you are stuck on what to get that special someone for Valentine's Day, a fun, cute, and/or sexy nightie is the way to go. I always wonder what must be going through Darshan's mind when I come upstairs wearing tees that are faded and sweats that are two sizes too big (and mind you, he is such a sweetie and would never complain) but the good wife in me never wants him to feel like I have "given up" on looking nice, even during the night. If there is one thing I don't mind pampering myself with, its a great night piece. Keep in mind great pieces don't necessarily mean expensive, especially now that places like Forever 21 and H&M carry some of the prettiest sets out there!

Hope you get to spoil yourself a bit and splurge on some pretty little things soon!

With love,

**ADD ON**

Earlier today I posted the below photo on Instagram and realized I didn't link these pajamas!

I hadn't realized these PJs would be such a hit, so I wanted to link them here... Unfortunately they are no longer are available in this color, but I found these exact ones in grey stripes and another pair in blue here:

Grey Stripes