Friday, January 22, 2016

Panama Hat: Bargain, Modest, Premium

I am so excited to share my newest blog feature with you:
Bargain, Modest, Preium.

I will be showcasing one item a week from something I have worn or have been eyeing myself and will find a few versions of that item in three price ranges. I understand that while some types of clothing or accessories are important for me to save on or invest in, it may not be the same for everyone, and then there are always those items that fall somewhere in the middle!

This week, I shared one of my mommy must haves: throw-on chic hats in my favorite Panama Style here, so I figured what better way to introduce this new blog segment than with a few picks of this style of hat in three categories.




I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Stay tuned next week for more style+fashion posts and more Valentine's Day gift guides and inspiration.

With love,