Thursday, January 14, 2016

Love Day Date Night

I will be the first to admit that D and I have never really been that into celebrating Valentine's Day in the super traditional sense.
We don't care much for fighting the restaurant crowds the night of VDay, we would usually much rather enjoy staying in with take-out, but that doesn't mean we don't celebrate in our own way. It is with great pride that I share that February 3 is our 'dating anniversary' (and this year makes is 11 years together!) so we have always kind of blended the two and celebrated both on that day, and even then, it hasn't always just meant dinner... we have done brunch dates, out-of-town dates, stay-cations, and have even done little mini vacations (ohhhh, pre-baby life how you are sometimes missed - Raj, don't read that). The fact that we haven't always celebrated in the traditional sense does not mean that I don't love the 'holiday.' Sure, its a Hallmark holiday, but its a sweet one with a nice meaning, and I appreciate that. The former preschool teacher in me loves Valentine's Day. I loved planning my little cards for my students, seeing them show up with their handwritten notes so incredibly proud of themselves, the cookie decorating, and the card-passing-out. It always amazed me that even at such a young age they knew and understood the importance and value of sharing emotion and their love with one another. 

So while some may call Valentine's Day cheesy, I see the value in it. It is pretty easy to admit that I definitely don't share with my loved ones enough how much they mean to me, and I don't mind an extra day in the year to remind myself how important that is! 

Whether you have a hot date, a wine night with girlfriends, a casual movie night out with a loved one, or a family night in with your littles, remember that besides the cheesiness and the department store buzz, that no matter what the occasion, any day to spread and share love is a special one. 

For those of you going out to celebrate, I picked some of the prettiest dresses and outfits out there to make your night complete:

Next week I will be sharing some Valentine's Day gift ideas and a few more looks for your day or night out!

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With love,