Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Chic is Black

What is it about wearing all black that makes you feel like such a bass a$$? I have no idea, but that is what wearing all black does to me. I never feel as fierce and chic as when I am wearing head to toe black, and when I am shopping, it seems to be the color of choice 80% of the time. Even on days I force myself to wear more color I find myself regretting it the minute I step outside, it is almost like batman stepping out without his cape. Black is my security, it is my go-to, and I feel zero guilt about that because it looks damn good. 

Of course, I understand the importance of incorporating color every so often, plus my husband makes sure I do so from time to time. Believe it or not he is the one who pushes for more color, although he recently told me that he now wants to wear more neutral colors (aka my go-to's) due to my influence, haha, proud moment. My second favorite 'color' (although technically not) to wear? Grey! Gotta dig those basics.  Just kidding, obviously I like to change it up quite a bit. 

I will admit that I am not usually one for tutus or tulle, and the fact that the main focus of this sweater dress is the tulle layer on the bottom was pretty different for my usual taste, but there was something about this dress that was calling my name from the minute I saw it. First, I am quite the sucker for a midi dress, and lately I even find myself narrowing internet shopping preference to mid length dresses only, this one was cool in the sense that it was sort of a combination of both!  

The LBD is such a timeless fashion statement. I can wear a black dress every single day of the week, and almost make a guarantee that each one is not similar to another, that is pretty incredible when you  think about it. Even more incredible, I could wear the same black dress every single day of the week and guarantee that with different accessories the same dress can look different every day... in other words, whether you own 50 or one LBD, you are golden. 

What is your go-to color? Here is something even more fun to ask yourself, is there a color you wish you owned and wore more of? Hmmm...

With love,

Dress // SheIn
Shoes // ShoeMint
Bag // Forever 21

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