Thursday, January 7, 2016

California Rainy Day

Rain, rain, glorious rain, oh how California so desperately needed you!

I saw a funny video yesterday making fun of how residents of LA (and basically all of SoCal) get into such a panic over the rain since it so rarely happens, and I couldn't help but laugh at the truth behind it. Back in September/October when I was planning Rajan's 1st birthday party (btw, pictures coming soon!) everyone was making a big deal about making sure I chose a location with indoor space since we were pretty much promised an el Nino season; want to know what I did with that information? I booked an indoor location and purchased rain boots for Raj and I, take that Weather Man! Ok, so maybe the boots weren't 'necessary' but for years I have been trying to come up with a validating excuse to purchase Hunter Boots, and the promise of el Nino seemed like the best one yet... not to mention that the tiny Hunters couldn't be any cuter if they tried, they were pretty much a shoe-in (pun intended) to Raj's wardrobe. Needless to say, el Nino never hit quite as early as estimated, thankfully Raj's party was cloud free (see mom, we could have done it at the park!) and we got maybe one rainy day, possibly more - too little to count, in Fall. However, this week - RAIN STORM!! You can imagine my excitement to pull out the rain gear!

So what has the realization of rain done for everyone we have come across? Pretty much made them realize that now they need rain boots only to run into every Nordstrom and Target to realize they are all mostly sold out; and trust me, I have been there, nothing is more heart-shattering. So I decided to help you out and scavenge the internet for the few places that still have them available. I notice kids size rain boots seem to sell out the quickest, probably because they are so gosh darn adorable!

People of California (and everyone else experiencing the sudden surge of winter weather)...
feel free to now pull out your credit cards! 

kids boots:

adult boots:

Hope you enjoy this very rare, yet oh so fun weather... and safe driving to you!

With love,