Monday, December 28, 2015

Post Christmas Buzz

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I felt so blessed and fortunate to celebrate with all of our family members, and I love seeing Rajan surrounded by so much love; we truly are so blessed to have not only one, but 3 large families. We had a jam packed schedule but enjoyed all of the moments, and our families were troopers about spreading out celebrations so we didn't have to hop around to multiple houses all in one day.

Darshan and I used to spend the night at my mom's house every Christmas Eve so that we were already there Christmas day, but after having Rajan, we wanted to be sure that every year he got to wake up in his own house so he could be excited for the visit from Santa. Doing this has also allowed D, Raj and I to have even just a few hours of alone time to celebrate amongst the three of us, and it has become one of my new favorite traditions. This year Rajan got really into the day and it was so much fun to watch him show his excitement for everything happening around him. 

I made a decision early on to not post any pictures on social media, including SnapChat, of the big ticket items we or Rajan got for Christmas. I feel so fortunate and blessed that my son is so loved and was given a nice Christmas, but growing up with hard working parents and knowing what those rough years feel like, Darshan and I mutually agree that there is no need to post every little item we or Rajan got because it is important to remember that not everyone may have had the same deliveries from Santa this year. I remember growing up and going back to school after Christmas break and hearing the mix of items Santa brought each of my friends - some in the hundreds of dollar amounts, and some not so fortunate. I read something a few years back about parents making an effort to not let every single high end item their child receives be 'from Santa' because not all Santas can provide the same (list it from Mom &/or Dad instead) and that always stuck with me; I have to admit that I sort of agree. Little kids shouldn't have to wonder why their friend got a PS4 from Santa, and all they got were socks. I can't imagine how all of the social media posts must make some parents feel when their holidays were a little tough, and I can't imagine having been a teenager or child in the social media age and seeing my friends post all of their big ticket items and being confused as to why they were so lucky and I was not. Of course, Darshan and I know that we work hard for what we have, as I know all you do as well, but it is just a personal belief that this specific holiday doesn't necessarily have to be about the dollar amount. I know this may sound hypocritical coming from a blogger, as this industry can often be mistaken for shallowness, but let not a holiday about peace on earth be confused with commercial and social status.
(again, personal choice, I did thoroughly enjoy seeing everyone's posts!!)

With that being said, time to get back to my 'job.' For those of you with gift cards burning a hole in your pocket, and for those of you who worked your tails off and want to reward yourself with something special, let me share with you some awesome sales going on right now (including Rajan's sweet Christmas morning PJ's)...

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I am so excited for the new year. 2015 was one of the craziest years yet, I am ready for a new slate, new goals, and new and fun adventures!

With love,