Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Golden Dot Events

For those of you who do not know, I not only love hosting events of my own, but recently I have been lucky enough to join one of my closest friends, Cassie, in professional event planning for her business, Golden Dot Events

Cassie started her business a few years ago, and over the last year it has been so wonderful to watch it grow and expand, as well as to see the beautiful events and weddings she has coordinated and planned. With the large growth in her business, Cassie wanted to celebrate this last year's success and showcase her team, some of the most talented women, for a special photo shoot and a look 'behind the scenes' of her business. I am thankful to not only be a party of the GD Team (starting this year I will be managing their blog and social media, yayyy!), but I was extremely honored when Cassie asked me to be the personal stylist for all of the ladies for the photo shoot. Cassie's one inspiration, 'Kate Spade.' With vibrant colors, classically chic styling, and such a fun group of women, this photo shoot was honestly so much fun to stylistically coordinate and dress each of the ladies. I tried to stay true to each of their personal styles and play up their personalities with fashion, and the overall look is one that I am most proud of to date!

  I love this picture for two reasons: not only am I making a classic Rajan face (which I never even realized I often make), but it truly shows the love between Cassie and I. The reason for so much pride in Golden Dot Events? Because I am, quite honestly, just so happy and proud of one of my best friends, Cassie, for following her dreams. Cassie and I worked side by side at the preschool I used to work at, and for years she would share her goal of starting her own event planning business with me. This business has been years in the making, and I don't know a single person who works as hard as Cassie, and gives her energy and time so selflessly to others... good things happen to good people, and there really isn't much better than her! She is talented beyond belief, and possesses a true heart of gold.

Meet the team: 
Cassandra, owner






In case you have not checked out any of their work, you can see photos of some of the GD Team's work here: Golden Dot Events  

I shared a while back some photos of my baby shower which was coordinated and planned by the team here: Baby Shower, definitely one of the most beautiful events ever!! (and not just because it was mine, hahaha)

Hope you have a chance to check them out. If you or someone you know and have an upcoming birthday party, shower, coorporate event, wedding, or even a destination wedding, make sure you contact the team, they pretty much do it all!!

With love,