Tuesday, November 17, 2015

TT: Rome, Part 2

Last week I shared the first part of our Rome adventure, and today I bring you the final portion of our tour in Rome,e, Italy. We honestly had such a fantastic time traveling from England to Italy, the memories we made together will last a lifetime and will forever be part of our greatest memories in our journey together. 

For our last day in Europe, we tried our best to relax and enjoy our time. We took our final guided tour, ended it at the Trevi Fountain, and spent the rest of our day eating scoops and scoops of Gelato, and had a date night out in the city as a farewell meal. We enjoyed all of what Italy had to offer, and we feasted like Kings on all of the delicious food!

Here are my 3 tips for visiting Rome:

1. Take walking sboes. Between the cobblestone roads and small streets and alleys, you will do a ton of walking! There were a few times we took a taxi to our destination, and were still dropped off a few blocks away because the car wouldn't fit down the roads. This ended up becoming a blessing in disguise because it really helped us take in all of the beauty of the city and forced us to really enjoy our excursions! 

2. Eat as much pasta as you can. This seems like a no brainer, but get that idea of a diet out of your head until you get home. There really has never been a pasta as good as what we ate while in Italy, and enjoying the food is just as important in the journey as it is part of the culture.

3. Don't check valuables in at the airport in Rome. This isn't to say that this happens to everyone, but I hate to share that we were one of those unlucky ones who had our valuables stollen. It was heartbreaking to get home and realize all of our souvenirs and valuable possessions were gone, but we also learned this is fairly comment (or at least was in 2012). Although this never changed or altered our view or experience on the city or trip at all, I do wish someone had told us so we were aware.

I have decided to take a little pause on Travel Tuesday for a while. I have so many fun holiday ideas and events coming up that I will save the rest of our travels for the new year! I can not wait to share the rest of what is to come for Travel Tuesday(hint hint, INDIA)!! 

Stay tuned...

With love,