Monday, November 23, 2015

Rajan turns 1

I have been so excited to share Rajan's 1st Birthday photos with everyone since the day we had these photos scheduled. The 1st Birthday photo shoot was one of those occasions I had been dreaming of and have had planned since, well, about the day I found out I was pregnant! Anyone who knows me knows how much respect I have for photographers, as well as how much I appreciate their craft and skill, I take picking out the perfect photographer very serious; once I have an idea of what type of look I want for a shoot, I know exactly which photographer I want to hire... I am one of those photographer stalkers, no shame in my game! 

I have been so beyond fortunate to work with some of my favorite portrait and family photographers since the very beginning of my pregnancy. Each type of photo shoot we did came out exactly as I had envisioned it, and I know it is all thanks to the incredibly talented women we have worked with. From to our pregnancy announcement shoot (shared here), to our baby shower (shared here), and maternity and newborn shoot (here and here), to now having had the chance to work with a photographer who I have been admiring for years, Gina Lee Photo, for Rajan's 1 year pictures; I am so proud to say that Rajan's life since Day 1 has been documented by some of the  most talented people in the business!

Gina Lee was the perfect person to shoot Rajan's 1st Birthday photos, and I have known for months that she was who I wanted to take them. She has a gift for capturing people in their natural glow, and I especially admire her talent for capturing children, as well as their personalities, and making every single one of her shots look like the kids were actually having fun while taking pictures, which is a very tough thing to do. After working with Gina and seeing how naturally and effortlessly her and Rajan took to one another, I now understand how she is able to capture such beauty in her photos. She is so calming, but captivating for the little ones, and it was truly a gift to watch her work with Rajan. He felt comfortable with her, and most of all, she simply allowed him to be himself and just have fun, and that really shows in her work. Every single picture captured Rajan and all of his large personality to a T - zero fake smiles and nothing too perfectly "staged" which was exactly what I wanted for these photos! I could go on and on about how amazing working with Gina was, and how obsessed I am with the turnout... but instead, I will just let the photos speak for themselves!


I seriously adore my little HAM, the toughest part about doing this photo shoot is not knowing which ones to print for my house!

Fun fact: Gina and I are actually cousins, doesn't that just make this entire collaboration that much more fun?!

With love,

Photographer // Gina Lee Photo
Max Costume // Pottery Barn Kids 
#1 Crown Birthday Hat // Little Love Lane via Etsy
Raj's polo // Burberry
Raj's pants // Peek
Raj's moccasins // Freshly Picked in 'Fleet Week'