Thursday, October 29, 2015

Skeleton Baby

Recently we went to a Halloween themed Birthday Party for a good family friend of ours. We wanted to save Raj's main Halloween costume for his birthday party so we used these adorable little skeleton PJ's as his 'costume' and ended up loving it as an outfit! 

His little VANS with the footprints on the bottom completed his entire outfit perfectly, you would think we had planned it this way, and I wish I could say we are that good, but we really just kind of got lucky, haha!

Little Raj, always the life of the party!

I am so so so excited for Halloween to be here in just a few days!! D and I have always loved Halloween and having another person to dress up just makes it so much more fun now... we can not wait to share Raj's hilarious Halloween night costume with you! 

Let the Halloween festivities commence!

With love,

On me:
Jacket // Nordstrom
Tee // Banana Republic
Denim // Gap
Shoes // Chanel

On Raj:
Skeleton onesie // Old Navy
Shoes // VANS

On D:
Shirt // Old Navy
Jeans // Seven for All Mankind
Boots // Timberland
Sunnies // Ray Ban

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