Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Flashback Halloween Costume Inspo.

Today I wanted to share with you some easy DIY, last minute, costume ideas. I am no stranger to getting a little creative in the costume department, and I sometimes feel as though I owe my creativity to the fact that I worked at a preschool for 10 years and always participated in the fun dress-up days, as well as all of the years being in a sorority and all of the 'themed' parties throughout each school year. I definitely owe it to both for teaching me how to get creative with some old clothes in my closet and a glue gun! 

Since college and my preschool-working days, I have put my fun costume making skills to good use and have come up with some pretty fun dress-up ideas. I have always appreciated a great home-made costume over store bought, and throughout the years I have ranged from 'cute' to 'creepy' and everywhere in between... I even got creative with Rajan last year when he was only 1 week, even if it was just to stay in on Halloween night and snuggle on the couch.

I have decided to compile a few old photos of some of my home-made costumes from over the years, some dating as far back as 2010, yikes!! 
(please don't mind the over-filtering and low pixels of most images, hahaha)

Eeyore and pals 
(notice anyone familiar?? *hint hint*Lindsey of Stay Styled Blog)

I had completely made every part of this costume from scratch with the exception of the ears. The tutu dress was originally white which I dyed grey, I used iron-on letters, and cut out the pink tummy circle from a felt square. This was one of my absolute favorite costumes and I was so proud of how it turned out!

Angelina Ballerina

I used to love dressing up for my students at work and would always try to incorporate themes that they would know and love. I love the Angelina Ballerina book series and when my co-workers decided we should do an animal/critter theme, I just knew I had to be the famous Angelina. 

Flash Dance

Even more cute than my neon tights?! My mini partners in crime!! Thanks Heidi and Wendy for letting me borrow your little cuties for this one.

Where's Waldo

I don't think there is anything more fun than twinning with your besties for some fun group collaborations. This one wasn't for Halloween and was actually for a friend's themed birthday party, but I had to share because it was one of the easiest costumes I had ever thrown together!

*side note - Forever 21 always has the best little $2 accessories to make your entire outfit complete, case in point, these perfect Waldo glasses!*

Scary Chic

There is nothing more creepy than walking up behind someone who appears to be dressed normal and them turning around and having the most frightening face, haha. I had such a blast scaring little kids this Halloween night! #noapologies

Thing 1 & Thing 2

More preschool teacher fun... Who doesn't love Dr.Seuss?! 

And last, but not least, my favorite home-made costume of all...
The sweetest little Paddington Bear

I could stare at this photo all day!!! Last year Gap came out with a Paddington Bear line and I jumped on it and snagged this perfectly adorable little rain coat for Rajan. Once I had it, I knew that since he would be here right before Halloween that I had to complete the look and get him the hat to dress him up as Paddington (one of my all-time favorite children's books), even it was just to stay home! Every effort, albeit pretty easy, made him wearing this costume for all of a 10 minute photo shoot totally worth it!! And that sweet little grin he used to sleep with?! I could just squeeze him!

I can not wait to share some of our costumes from this year. Raj has had a total of 3 so far and I refuse to apologize for the amount of fun we have dressing up... I can not wait to see everyone else's fun ideas!

With love,