Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What I Love Wednesday: Story Time

I have always been a huge book lover since as far back as I can remember. When I went through my Babysitter's Club addiction I made a handwritten list of every single book in the series (honestly almost 100) with little check boxes next to each title so that I could be sure I read them all and no titles were missed. Fast forward a couple of years to my teenage years where 75% of the time you could find me locked up in my bedroom reading, and now as an adult, you can most likely find me locked up in the bathtub with a good book and glass of wine. 

Being a former preschool teacher, I not only know and understand the import roles books can play in your life from personal experience, but also from a scientific and educational perspective. There are countless studies that prove that reading to a child beginning in their early years can promote brain development, impact their academic success, and can strengthen the bond between parents and children immensely. Of course, none of this was ignored  by me, and I will admit that one of the very first things I bought for my baby after finding out I was pregnant was an old vintage book while out antique shopping. 

Since before birth, or even us knowing the gender of our baby, books had already played such a huge role in his life. 

When I was pregnant I often got home from work hours before D, and I would sit in a quiet room and read different stories to my belly. In my classroom when I was with my kids, I would snuggle down in the reading corner with them and read them stories and let them talk and repeat the stories back to the baby in my belly. 

One of the greatest things I did was request that for my baby shower, instead of guests signing and bringing a card with their gift that they pick their favorite children's book and bring that instead. I can't begin to tell you how amazing this turned out. Not only did I love seeing what kinds of books my friends and family picked out as their favorites, but still now, I love the large collection of books Rajan has in his bedroom and I love reading the little notes our family and friends wrote to him before we begin each story. 

Story time is a large part of our day with Rajan. We often have play dates with our friends at Barnes and Noble, we read all day throughout play time or relaxing time, and every single night before bed we read his favorite, "I'll See You in the Morning."

I love that I have been able to pass along the gift of a love of books to Rajan. I pray that his love never ends and only grows stronger and stronger throughout the years as it has with me. 

With love,