Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What I Love Wednesday: Let's Be Honest

As you have probably noticed by now, my new Wednesday series is on rotation every week between baby items and beauty/style goods. Today I am sharing a baby necessity by one of my favorite brands, The Honest Company.

Honest diapers have been such a great product we have used from the minute Rajan was born, we literally took our own pack of diapers to the hospital. We love Honest diapers because we have had nothing but a great experience with them, and we have even taken a break from them to have trials with other brands, which then only led us straight back to our Honest brand!

We first decided to go with the Honest Company because we have been using their cleaning products for a few years and I always love that I feel safe when using them, but especially love how effective and great they work at cleaning even hard stains. As mentioned in a previous post about my favorite bath time products here, we knew from the beginning that our little guy was very likely to have sensitive skin, so when it came to picking diapers and wipes, we knew we would have to choose a chemical free, fragrance free, sensitive product. So far, The Honest Co. has not disappointed. The few weeks we took a break from using them and used the classic brands, Raj broke out in the most awful rash on his entire bottom in the shape of the diapers, and after that, we vowed to never stray from Honest diapers again. 

The Honest Co. wipes and powder are just as great as their diapers. The wipes don't leave any sticky feeling and are super soft, we even have a pack in every single bathroom for guests, and I often use them to remove my eye makeup, that is how gentle they are!

When it comes to choosing brands to use for Rajan's health, sensitive skin, and well being, D and I decided from day one to always choose the best for him, even if it meant an extra $5 per purchase, we would rather sacrifice something of ours so that Rajan could have the best. One of my absolute favorite things about the product? The fact that the diapers and wipes get delivered to my doorstep on the same day every month. I go online prior, pick my prints and size, and on perfect schedule, they land on my doorstep - talk about user and mom friendly service!

Oh, and did we mention how cute they are?! Anyone who can make diapers 'cute' is a winner in my book!!

Happy Wednesday!

With love,