Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What I Love Wednesday: Baby Items

Hey everyone! Today's post is dedicated to all of the soon-to-be moms, new moms, or anyone who knows someone who is going to have a baby and doesn't even know where to begin for a baby gift. I am sharing my top 10 baby items for babies newborn to six months, or at least the items we got the most use out of at The U house! 

It can be quite daunting when you walk into a baby store these days. You are overwhelmed with so many items, options, and not knowing what you need, what you don't, or what you'll get the most use out of can be so stressful. My hope is that this guide will assist you when you are feeling overwhelmed.

1. Diaper Bag Insert Organizer: If you're anything like me, giving up your handbags and trading them in for diaper bags can seem like a huge sacrifice. I decided early on that I didn't want to use a traditional diaper bag, and chose instead to use a large tote bag as a diaper bag. I learned pretty quickly that as much as I loved my tote, it was pretty tough to keep all of the baby items it was filled with organized. This insert has been a huge life saver! Add your diaper changing items, bottles, toys, extra clothes, and everything else you need to keep the day running with your little one without going crazy looking for where it is hiding in your bag. 

2. Newborn Sleeper Rock n' Play: I discovered this amazing baby item way too late and sadly realized once I bought it all of the sleep I had been missing out on. Raj would spit up a lot as a newborn, and every night I laid him in his bassinet on his back I would go through a sort of panic and became so paranoid that he was going to spit up and choke. I often couldn't sleep because I felt like all I could do was check on him, that wasn't fun for anyone! Then a girlfriend told me about this life saver and our nights completely took a turn for the better. This awesome bedside accessory helps baby to sleep in a propped-up position, given them a perfectly cradled hold, keep them propped up for safety, and rocks the little ones who need motion to sleep. It brings so much comfort and relief to mom and dad that your babe is safe and tucked away nicely. 

3. Medela Freestyle Pump Tote Bag: When I was in the hospital, I had never been told about the necessity of having a breast pump. I am a first time mom and quite honestly, was pretty lost early on. Two nights after coming home, I woke up one night with an extremely high fever and was sick all night. A rush to the doctor's office and a little 411 from my sweet nurse taught me that I needed a pump! This was something I had not realized I would need early on. I wasn't going back to work for four more months, what did I need a pump for?! The answer: relief! Milk tends to come in fast and quick, and before you and your baby have time to get in sync with one another, a pump will be your best friend (plus you will want to have some milk stocked up for the much-needed date night). The freestyle pump was my pump of choice, I could use it hands free which didn't make me feel so trapped when pumping, which can get pretty boring!

4. Nuna Pipa Infant Carseat: When it comes to safety and carseats, European is the way to go. This carseat recently made its way to the states, and when I discovered it I knew there wouldn't be anything more safe for my little guy. With double installation locks on the base, this carseat will bring comfort to any other paranoid mama like myself. It is as comfortable and soft as it is safe, and equally as sleek and chic looking as well, triple bonus! 

5. Happy Baby Wrap: To say Raj lived in his wrap for the first 3 months is quite an understatement. It wasn't often you would come to our house or see us out and about without Raj being nice and tucked away in his wrap. It helped him feel safe and secure, and on the days when all he wanted to do was be cuddled in my arms, it allowed me to still be functional and productive. These wraps are so thin so your baby doesn't feel extra bulky or heavy, and once you get the hang of wrapping it, you can have your baby thrown in it in just a few quick seconds. What I love about the Happy Wrap is that it is made of organic cotton and is so incredibly soft, the perfect compliment to your little one's soft skin.

6. Infant 4Moms mamaRoo Bouncer: The newest upgrade to the baby swing, this gem is the perfect mommy companion. It sways, bounces, and mimics the feeling of the baby being in their parent's arms or driving in the car, which as a mom I quickly found was the most comforting to Raj. It plays so many calming sounds and even comes with an MP3 attachment so you can hook up your iPhone or any music player and play any music of your choice, how rad is that?

7. Aden + Anais Swaddling Cloths: Swaddling your newborn is the way to go. It is important to keep them swaddled as much throughout the day and when they're sleeping as possible. Swaddling your new baby helps to keep them feeling comforted and safe, and gives them a similar feeling to being in the womb. What I love about the Aden + Anais Cloths is how soft they feel. Once we got these, we never used any of our other swaddles because they just didn't compare. Even now that Raj is a little older, we no longer swaddle him, but he uses his Aden + Anais blankets daily. He won't sleep without one near him and you will 100% of the time always find one in our diaper bag. I use them as nursing covers, and they are perfect for a carseat cover because they are light and breathable!

8. Noodle & Boo: The softest, most gently baby bath items and they smell as amazing as they work which makes them even better. Read my entire review for their items here: Noodle & Boo.

9. PUJ Infant Tub: This quickly became one of my favorite baby items early on. It allowed for us to bathe Raj in the sink but kept it safe and clean. Even before he could be fully submerged in water, we would use this for his sponge baths because it cradles a newborn perfectly. We loved this bathtub so much and used it as long as possible because it was nice to be able to bathe Raj in the sink while standing so we didn't hurt our backs bending over the bathtub. It is easy to keep clean and store and we have found that it fit in every sink in our house and our family's house which made it easy when traveling!

I hope this list brings some comfort and assistance to you or someone you know. Being a first time mom can be scary and difficult enough, you shouldn't have to be lost in the baby aisle to add to the stress!

With love,