Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Travel Tuesday: Paris, France Part I

I mean, is there any city more beautiful than Paris? In my opinion, no. That is a pretty bold statement, but I am quite confident that I have a few people to back me up on this. 

Let me take you back to August, 2013, when two young love birds took a trip to the city of love...

To date, one of the sweetest gestures from my husband was when he had a bouquet of roses waiting for me in our hotel room in Paris. It isn't the flowers, but rather the thought and the planning involved that had me swooning for him all over again; and what a beautiful way to begin a trip!

We started with a tour of the entire city. This helped us pick early on what places we wanted to go back and get a better view of later on in our trip. Paris is definitely a city with endless spots to visit and it is easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to decided which places were most important for us to see. What we did to narrow it down was take a tour bus, we saw it all in one day, then made a list of the places we wanted to return to over the next couple of days. This may or may not work for some of you, but for us it was perfect. We felt like we 'saw everything' but then when we returned to the sites we felt were important to us, we never felt rushed to move on to the next place. Then we got to relax and really enjoy our trip!

The amazing Louvre. You could spend an eternity here, there are so many historical works of art to see, and so many things that I felt so privileged to see in person. Sometimes it is surreal to me that I have actually been here!

Tourist time!

Next we went to the Notre Dame de Paris. It was easily one of the most emotional parts of my trip. I felt so proud to be there, and the church is simply stunning.

 Arc de Triomphe

Next we were off to the Eiffel Tower. We spent so much time here throughout our trip, because quite frankly, we could not get enough. It really is magestic!

Stay tuned for Part II and Part III coming in the next few weeks... Paris was too good to break it down in just two weeks. Can't wait to share more!

With love,