Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Travel Tuesday: London, England Part II

Welcome back to Part II of our London trip. This part of the trip got a little more personal and was one of the main reasons I wanted to go to London from the beginning...

Many people may or may not know how big of a Beatles fan I am. The very first cassette tape I owned as a tiny tot was Abbey Road, which my dad had bought especially for me. Since birth my dad would play oldies music for me, and when I was with both of my parents, that was almost all I listened to. My Papa (my grandfather) was the most talented musician. He had the voice of an angel (that pretty much sounded identical to Frank Sinatra), and my entire family were also die-hard Beatles fans like my dad and I. There wasn't a family event that didn't included my Papa, Dad and uncles sitting in the backyard playing their guitars and harmonicas and singing old Beatles songs together with all of us kids as their audience. 

One song in particular that I have loved since I could remember is 'Here Comes the Sun' which is on the Abbey Road album. The lyrics, the tune, everything about the song has always brought a sense of peace and comfort to me, and to this day I can still hear my Papa singing it to us grandkids. 

Since his passing, any time I was having a rough moment, missing him, or feeling any type of sadness I would turn the radio on, and somehow the song would magically be playing. I don't know how this works; coincidence, accidental, perfect timing, but some how it just always does. 

Going to Abbey Road, seeing the studio the Beatles themselves recorded in, and walking the very same street that is photographed on the cover of my very first cassette tape was one of the main reasons I wanted to go to London. 'Here Comes the Sun' which had gotten me through some of the saddest moments and always had the ability to settle my emotions, had been recorded in this very studio and it always meant so much to me to see it one day. It was a special song I always dedicated in memory of my Papa, and while in London, I couldn't help but keep this moment with me forever, which is why I had finally gotten the tattoo I had been wanting for years while in London, 
'here comes the sun.' 

I love everything about my tattoo. 
I love the memories it brings up from this fun trip abroad with my husband, I love the meaning and relation to one of my favorite people in life, my Papa, and I love that it is a reflection of how I approach life; even when things get rough, there is always a new day, and after the dark, sunshine and light will always shine through and everything will be alright. 

Walking Abbey Road was a childhood dream come true. It felt so surreal, and I still can't believe that I have had the opportunity to live this childhood vision out. 

After touring for a few days and enjoying our time in London, we spent our last night walking around River Thames. It was relaxing, so much fun, and one of my favorite memories from our trip.

Before taking the train to Paris, we had one last stop: Tower Bridge. We were in awe of the beauty and couldn't help but take a walk across before we left!

And then just like that, it was goodbye London... and on a train we went into Paris, France!

With love,