Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Travel Tuesday: London, England Part I

Welcome to London!!

Ok, well not quite. But welcome to my own personal virtual photo tour of London! D and I went to London in August 2013, just less than a year after returning from Spain. London had not been a city we had really planned and seeing at first (we had been thinking we would go somewhere in Asia) but we had enjoyed our time in Spain so much that when we came home we knew that we wanted to see more cities and countries throughout Europe, and London did not disappoint. 

 I honestly couldn't ask for a better travel partner. Having someone you click really well with is, in my opinion, a really important part of any trip. You can be in the most glamorous and beautiful of places, but if your travel buddy and you don't click then you may as well just go alone. I am thankful that D and I have so much fun traveling and exploring together. It brought us so incredibly close in the early years of our marriage and to this day we still sit and can have countless hours of conversations about our adventures. We grew together, learned so much about ourselves and really learned how to be a "team" with one another.

True to our style, we spent Day 1 in London shopping, exploring on our own and eating our way through the city. We didn't take many pictures because quite honestly, we were having so much fun that we really just kind of got distracted and forgot! 

My travel style is always stylish but comfortable. I like to shop for classic, timeless pieces so that I can look back years down the road and not be embarrassed by what I was wearing. I like to always look put together when exploring, no matter how tired I am, because one thing is for sure when you travel, you never really know where the day is going to take you; I like to be sure that I am always dressed appropriately anywhere we go.

Getting fueled up for Day 2 with my Cafe Latte!

The hubs, always working - even when on vacay out of the country, ha! 
In his words, "Gotta pay for this trip!" 
Can't argue there ;)

First stop: Natural History Museum

Next we made our way over to St. Paul's Cathedral. I come from a Catholic background on my dad's side so I always love seeing the historic Catholic churches everywhere we go. I love taking pictures and soaking it all in so that I can come home and share details with my dad. Since the first time I traveled out of the country, I kind of always travel with my parents in mind and like to do things I think they would have been interested in. My parents haven't yet been fortunate in their lives to travel so I like to make sure I always travel with my entire heart because I feel so lucky to be blessed with the opportunity they weren't as lucky to get. 

How gorgeous is this blue building?! I think in my next life I would like to live in London or Paris in a cobalt blue house.

Tower Bridge

Trafalgar Square

Big Ben

Palace of Westminster

Buckingham Palace

Have I ever mentioned how huge of a Beatles fan I am? We will get more into that next week for Part II. 

With love,

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