Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Travel Tuesday: Barcelona, Spain Part II

I hope you all enjoyed my first Travel Tuesday post last week of Barcelona, Spain Part I. Part II starts off with a bang with some photos of our amazing hot air balloon ride over the countryside outside of Barcelona. We were so fortunate to get to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary while we were in Spain, and my sweet husband had planned this amazing date as a surprise - all I knew was that we had to wake up before sunrise and we were traveling a small distance to our destination; his surprise did not disappoint. 

I have to admit that I was incredibly nervous being up so high and I wasn't the biggest fan of standing too close to the edge of the basket, but oh my goodness was it a beautiful experience. The views of the countryside which borders France was beautiful, I have never seen anything like it. 

One of the best surprises from this sweet, handsome guy!

We ended our ride with a champagne picnic brunch and journeyed back to La Rambla. 

When we got back into the city it was too late to really join any tours but we were not quite ready for the day to end. Right in the heart of the city is an area called Barri Gotic. The buildings date all the way back to Medieval Times, and being the history geeks that we are we really enjoyed wandering the alleys and streets and admiring the ancient city. We saw so much beautiful architecture, sat and listened to musical street performers, and quite honestly just had such a wonderful and relaxing night.  

The next day we finished up our guided tour of the city. We checked out the arena they hosted the Olympics in, saw a bit of the beach (even though it was too cold to spend the day there), and then did a little shopping - nothing beats European shopping. 

Some of my favorite places to shop when in Europe:

On our last full day in the city we went back to Barri Gotic to see everything more clear during the day. We toured inside of the Barcelona Cathedral and made our way to the top for the most breathtaking views.

We had such an amazing trip and loved Barcelona so much. We met wonderful people, experienced a new and different culture, and left carrying with us the idea of living life a little bit slower and remembering that it isn't always about the rat-race. 

That is the best thing about traveling is that every place leaves a little imprint on your heart and your soul and you always leave a new, better version of yourself!

With love,