Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What I Love Wednesday: Baby Moccasins

I have decided to start a new series every Wednesday sharing some of my favorite products and items with you. I will talk about different things I have recently discovered, or have been a long time fan of and share with you my thoughts and all of the reasons I love it as well as an honest review of how it compares to others. 

This week I am starting with one of my favorite baby items, kind of a 'must-have' item, in my opinion: Baby Moccasins.

I will admit that this is somewhat of a vanity item, but I also will advise you that although that is the case, we can not live without ours. Chances are, if you ever bump into Raj and I at any given time, he is rocking our favorite Moccasins, Freshly Picked.

Here are some of the reasons why we can not stop wearing our favorite baby item:

1. They never fall off. One of my biggest pet peeves regarding so many baby shoes out there is how easily they slip off of those adorable, tiny, chubby little feet of my little guy. There is nothing more stressful than walking through Target prowling the aisles you wandered down the last two hours scouring the floors for those darn slip-on tennis shoes you paid way too much for to drive out of the Target parking lot without. Moccs are so great because they fit firmly around the ankle and it doesn't matter how wiggly Raj gets, they stay on nice and secure, they have become somewhat of a 'trustee' for that reason alone. 

2. They fit for a long time. Reading my first point for reasons to love Moccs leads into the second reason I love them so much. Because they fit so firmly and hold around the ankle, it is perfectly normal to buy a size up and allow for your little one to wear them as they grow into them. The more they wear them, the softer they get, and quite surprisingly, the more they actually grow with you little one even more! Raj is almost 10 months and has been wearing Moccs since he was a newborn and we have only had to buy them in TWO sizes!!! That is the perfect example of how long and how well they grow with you. 

3. The colors and prints are just too cute and too much fun!! 

4. Let them get dirty, let them get worn in, and it almost makes them more cool. Remember those old faded black Converse Chuck Taylor's with the holes and the sole wearing down that you are SO proud of that you have had since Junior year of High School? Yeah, these kind of hold that same 'worn in is cool' value. 

5. I used to worry that once Raj started walking that I wasn't 100% sure I felt comfortable with him continuing to wear them without a sole... well, guess what?! It is almost as if the Moccasin gods heard my prayers, because just today, the brand Freshly Picked launched a brand new line of Moccasins for the 'big kids' that now have soles! And let me tell you, they are to die for!!! I can not wait to get a pair for Raj!

The awesome thing about Moccasins is that although the price can feel a bit steep, keep in mind how durable they are as well as how long they last. Raj has a shelf full of shoes, and to be completely honest, even when I put another pair on him, I always keep his Moccasins in the diaper bag and almost 100% of the time we change him into the Moccs before the day is over, if he hasn't been already wearing them since morning already. They make great holiday and birthday gifts for your little ones, and make even better baby shower gifts for someone you know. Everywhere we go I can't tell you how many compliments we get on Raj's Moccasins. They look great with everything, are all-weather proof and in my opinion, timeless!

With love,

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