Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Travel Tuesday

Hey guys! So I have decided to add another new feature to my blog called Travel Tuesday. Over the last few years D and I have gone on quite a few trips and seen so many amazing and beautiful cities and countries that I have yet to share on here. I have so many pictures of the memories we made together, as well as some (hopefully) helpful travel tips to share. 

Prior to deciding to have our little babe, the day after we got married I handed D a list of places around the world I needed to visit before we became parents; Spain, England, France, Italy, and India. Since he was a bit excited and wanting to have babies right away, I made a promise with him that the sooner we could visit these places, we could welcome our bundle of joy. We had so much fun traveling, even more than we could have ever imagined. Traveling with your partner really is life changing. 

Here is a little sneak peek at some of the places I will be sharing with you...

Any look familiar?? Trust me when I say this isn't even half of it!

I hope you are as excited as I am. My first official Travel Tuesday post will kick off next week, and I can not wait! Stay tuned to see what is in store.

With love,