Tuesday, August 4, 2015

OC Fair

I am taking a break from fashion posts to share some pictures from the OC Fair I went to with my two favorite guys over the weekend. 

Going to the fair was something D and I were hesitant on because we weren't sure if Raj was going to love it or hate it, and to be honest we knew there wouldn't really be much for him to 'do.' What I am pleased to say is that none of those things were true, he loved it and had a blast and was the happiest little guy in the center of all of the action, and the three of us had one of the best days together. 

It is so very rare to get a full fledge all-natural smile from D in a photo, but ever since Raj I have been able to capture more from him than ever before, his smile makes me heart as happy as Raj's smiles do. 

A nice little wave from this guy after his very first-ever ride - not sure if he loved it or hated it, I don't even think he knew how to feel!

The fair was so much more fun than we could have planned. We saw animals, Raj fell in love with the goats, we paid a ridiculous $5 to the 'The World's Largest Alligator' which we are almost completely confident was fake, we ate way too much fried food, and we have since been craving every ounce of the delicious fried Oreos! It was a great Sunday had by all!

With love,

Here are a few tips on going to the fair with a little one:

1. Do not take an expensive stroller. If you have a designated travel stroller or one you don't mind getting banged up a little, take that! It is slightly dusty in some areas of the fair grounds, and there are so many people your stroller is bound to get trampled on a bit. Also, it doesn't feel as 'secure' as a place like Disneyland - if you're going on a ride and have to leave it alone, there will not be attendants looking out for it!

2. Layer on the sunblock! I am sure this is a given for most, but there is a lot of sun and not a lot of shade, come prepared! My husband was saying the entire time he wished he had worn a hat and I was right there with him!

3. Take healthy snacks. Now, I know I sound like such a party pooper, especially when 90% of the people who attend the fair go purely for the food (I admit I am one), but if you plan to be there all day, do keep in mind that almost every item served at the fair is either fried or dipped in butter - and probably both! Enjoy a cheat meal here and there, but be warned that if you are there for an entire day, you will eat enough lard for 5 years to come. 

4. Take advantage of the 'mommy room.' Did you even know something like this existed?! I sure didn't, and I will fully admit that a huge part of my hesitation to go to the fair was that I was nervous about having a safe and private place to nurse Raj. After riding a few rides, we got really lucky and stumbled upon the family lounge, whoa did our lives change in that moment! I have never felt luckier to have a kid (ok, well maybe thats a bit dramatic), but I will put it to you like this - Air Conditioner when its 100 degrees outside, two super comfortable couches, a personal water station, changing tables, and draped curtains for private nursing and napping! Thank you, OC Fair!

5. Don't spend your child's entire savings account to win them a stuffed animal! Take it from us, he will not care about the neon green stuffed whatever-it-is and it will end up in the next yard sale anyways. Remember that the rubber ball will never bounce perfectly into the basket, and anyone who is walking around with a rope full of stuffed animals has a crazy gift from God that none of the rest of us got. But, do play the goldfish game, the attendant let us in on a little secret that everyone wins a fish no matter what :) you are welcome!

Fair = perfect Summer family fun!