Monday, August 17, 2015

I'm Back!!

Hey all!! I am so happy to be back to my regular blog posts. This last week and a half has been so crazy, so much has happened and I decided last week to go unplugged for a bit so I could focus on my family and getting everything back in order. 

For those of you who don't know, my mom was diagnosed with cancer a month ago. It was such a difficult time and hit my mom, siblings and I pretty hard, but we knew to stay proactive and positive and kept our faith that all would work out and that she would be fine. She was referred to the City of Hope for the rest of her appointments and to get surgery, and to make a long story short, we went for a visit two weeks ago and the next day they called to say her surgery would take place five days later. The rest of that week she had to return two more times for pre-op appointments and last Monday, August 10, she had the surgery. For those of you who know how intense this surgery is, as well as the recovery and healing process, you know a five day notice will have you spinning, and trust me, we were! But, we knew it was best to have it done ASAP so we got everything arranged quickly. I stayed with my mom all last week to help take care of her and so Raj and I could keep her spirits up and that is when I decided I wanted to be fully attentive and left the laptop and cell phone packed away. It was so great to be there for my mom, but I must say I missed connecting with all of my readers and friends here in the social internet world, so I am glad to be back!

A quick update on her progress: The surgery went well and my mom is recovering nicely. I am excited to go pick her up tomorrow so she can stay with us for a bit and then we go back to the City of Hope next Monday to get her final test results regarding the stage of her cancer. We are remaining hopeful and keeping the faith that she will be cleared of everything, and I will be sure to keep you all updated!! We can't thank you all enough for your continued prayers and support you have given us, it really has helped keep our family strong!!

We came back home from my mom's house on Friday because we had two weddings to attend over the weekend; one on Friday and one Saturday. Although it had been such a hectic week and all I honestly wanted to do was catch up on some R&R, we were so excited to see all of our college friends at both weddings. 
I had heard recently about a phone app called The Glam App where you can book same-day makeup, hair, and nail services to come to your house if you're in a last minute crunch and I have been dying to try them out. I booked a makeup artist to come to my house from the app as I was leaving my mom's house Friday afternoon, and by the time I got home, she was there a short while later and ready to get me all glam for the wedding. I was so happy with her work, and the amazing service, that I booked her for the next day, on the spot. I am now kind of obsessed with this app and am already thinking of all of the times I will be using it again!! If you follow along on my Instagram (@amanda_u_blog) I linked the page from the app as well as my amazing makeup artist that I used for both days.

My husband and I met in college and were both Greek, but many people don't know that we actually went to different schools than one another and that he is 4 years older than me. We met when I was a Freshman and he was in his 4th year and was President of his fraternity, Lambda Chi Alpha. From the time we started dating we always kept close relationships with his fraternity brothers and my sorority sisters and it is awesome how we have been able to maintain and have such great relationships with all of them. On Friday, one of Darshan's fraternity brothers got married and we had such a great time seeing and catching up with all of D's college brothers, and of course, I have established such great relationships with many of their wives and fiancé's so I loved catching up with the girls!

D and his cousin, Chintan, are not only best friends, cousins, and pretty much like brothers, but they are also Fraternity brothers and were roommates all throughout their college years, how cute are they?!

We had family over both nights to babysit Raj, and to say he got spoiled with attention is an understatement! We are so lucky how loved he is. 

Saturday night we attended one of my sorority sister's weddings; she is my 'Big Sis' from chapter and someone who I have always looked up to. It was so great seeing all of my best girls and we had such a blast!! I was in the sorority Alpha Phi, along with fellow blogger babe Lindsey of Stay Styled Blog, people are always shocked to find out we are old friends, not just from blogging! It really was one of the best weddings I have ever attended, not just because of the beauty of it, but because of the love and relationship the bride and groom have with one another. It is so very rare to see a love like theirs, and I am still melting over the amazing vows that they wrote for one another, I can easily say that besides my own with D, theirs have hands down been the best vows I have ever heard!

We ended the weekend with some much needed family relaxation time. We spent the day in our PJ's and didn't leave for anything. We went on a nice evening walk before Raj's bedtime, he loves walks in his wagon, it cracks me up how he's so happy and content just sitting and looking at everything. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Can't wait to share the rest of what I have in store for the week. 

With love,