Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend Update

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We were in Bakersfield over the weekend spending some time with D's parents which was so needed. We took my mom with us and treated the weekend as a little mini vacation/getaway. We love getting away to the U house as often as possible because we always feel like we can check out of our busy lives in the OC and take some time relaxing, spending time by the pool, and getting spoiled by around-the-clock meals, cocktails and all help with Raj we want! It also doesn't hurt that our backyard in Bakersfield feels like a beautiful resort, haha!

Weekend fresh blooms... my husband was sooooo sweet and thoughtful and surprised me with a delivery of gorgeous flowers being delivered to me at his parent's house. It was such a nice surprise, and Rajan then shared the love and passed out roses to both of his grandmothers. 

This little fishy can not get enough of the water and I love that about him! He could swim all day, every day, if we let him. I can't wait to see his love for the water grow, we sometimes wonder if he'll be the first water polo player or surfer in our family of baseball and football players. 

Over the weekend my family shared the news to all of our loved ones that my mom recently was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer. It was so shocking to receive the news and so we gave ourselves and our family time to cope with the news before we shared it with extended family and friends. My mom is a fighter and the strongest person I have ever known so I have no doubt she will fight this battle and will come out with a victory. She is the rock of our family and now we get to be hers. I have made a promise to hold her hand and be by her side through this entire ordeal and I will not let her down. Right now we are trusting in God, prayers, and keeping a positive outlook and staying optimistic. The amount of love and support we have received from so many people through social media, phone calls, texts and countless messages has been so overwhelmingly heartwarming and touching. Sometimes it is moments like these when you feel the most empowerment and positive due to the uplifting support we you receive from others. 

I share so much on here in hopes of inspiring and maybe making someone reading to not feel alone in whatever battles they may also be struggling with. It can be difficult to find the boundary of what to share or what not to share, but I made a promise to myself and have always wanted to stay loyal to my readers about being genuine and true to myself; that means sharing the good, the bad, and the scary. Life is not always what you think it should be, but I truly believe that there is a reason for every situation that is thrown at us, and how you swim back up to the top when being held down is a true testament to your character. 

My mom is a fighter, and I have no doubt that she will make her way back up to the top.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Remember to stay positive, stay smiling, and I hope you know that myself and my family will do the same. 

All of our love to you and thanks for reading!

With love,