Friday, July 24, 2015

The History of the Wrap & Shop

On Wednesday I shared one of my favorite style dresses when I talked about Baby & Wedding Shower Attire.Wrap dresses are so easy to wear and are so flattering to all body types, what I love about them is that you can adjust how tight or loose you tie them for whichever is most flattering to your style and body. The most well known designer of wrap dresses is of course Diane Von Furstenberg, but now that the style has become such a staple, there are so many designers and brands that make this famous style dress. 

In my opinion, fun prints and colorful designs make for a more fun wrap. When Diane Von Furstenberg first created the wrap dress in the 70's it was a symbol of a strong female presence and has since been such a huge influence on women's fashion and empowerment. Originally considered to be a form of business attire for women, the wrap dress has evolved over the years to be worn for many different occasions and in many different styles.

I have decided to round up some of my favorite styles for you to shop. You can wear these dresses for summer, or paired with boots or flats for an easy Summer-Fall transition. 
One of the greatest things about fashion is not just wearing great clothes, but knowing the history, influence and impact the pieces have made over the years. The wrap dress is as iconic as the designer herself and is such a beautiful symbol of the evolution of women's style and liberation. 

Hope all of my beautiful readers have a fabulous weekend!

With love,