Friday, July 31, 2015

Summer Jacket Shop

With all of this wild Summer weather we have been experiencing over the last few weeks, I decided to share some of my favorite Summer jackets for those surprise rainy days like we had yesterday and today.

The key to picking a Summer jacket is to make sure you pick a light material that isn't too heavy or thick. Rain does not always necessarily mean the temperature is cooler, and more often than not, it is actually more sticky and humid.

On Tuesday, I shared this Summer rainy day outfit on my post It's Raining Florals. The khaki colored jacket I am wearing is perfect to shield the water, light enough so that I don't feel too hot, and the color is neutral, a perfect light color for Summer lighter and brighter colored outfits.

Here you can shop some of my favorite jackets for Summer. Remember that just because you purchase something for one season does not mean you can only wear it that season - these styles and colors are great to transition into the Fall, and will also be very practical and color perfect for Spring.
With all of this crazy weather I am hoping for all of you that it doesn't ruin any of your fun weekend plans. It can be scary to be down at the beach with thunder and lightning and strong rain fall, and anything outside tends to get a little tricky! As for us, I am not quite sure where our weekend plans will take us, we are going to enjoy a very rare weekend without a long list of events to attend - we are so ready for our Staycation!

Hope you all have a lovely Friday and a fantastic weekend!!

With love,