Monday, July 13, 2015

Friend-cation Weekend

You know those kinds of weekends that you didn't even realize you needed? 
That was this weekend for me.

It is one of the most difficult things as a new mom to remember to stop and take time for yourself. D and I try our best to stay in touch and close to all of our friends and show them that we will always still make time for them, but still, there are occasions when you still find that difficult. I am so happy to say that the initial guilt of leaving the little guy for Vegas was finally dismissed the minute I saw my girlfriends. I was able to let loose, unwind, and have some time to let my mind take a break from mommy-hood. This weekend was something that I hadn't even realized I needed for myself, my husband, and even my son. 

Friday night I took one of my best friends, Ari, to a super fun brand event. The event was in San Clemente at one of my favorite OC Boutiques, Swirl, and was hosted by the brand Mink Pink as well as the ladies of OC Style Report. We had such a blast and shopped 'til we dropped. I have always loved Mink Pink so it was such an honor to be a personally invited guest! I can't wait to share the new goodies I got from the event!

Oh hey! Raj and I love sending Snap Chats... and he loves watching other Snap videos more than me sometimes!

I feel so lucky to have the most beautiful friends, both inside and out. Our sorority brought us together, but life has made us sisters. I love every single one of them so much, and I love being part of a group of strong, driven women who are always there with love and support and to cheer each other on. We have all seen one another grow up, and through the years, our bond has become stronger then ever before. 

Thank you to all of my gorgeous girls for pulling me away for a weekend, and an especially huge thank you to my husband for forcing me to go, providing me with comfort while I was away, and for taking care of our little guy better than any other person could! I feel so lucky!

With love,

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