Thursday, June 11, 2015

Workin' on My Fitness

One of the things I have struggled the most with since becoming a mom is keeping my fitness on track. Growing up I was a pretty chubby kid (more to love) and once I hit the teen years my metabolism did a 180 and I became pretty petite. Since then I would actively eat healthier, workout and live a somewhat healthy life style but I never had to "try" too hard to stay fit. I love food, and I love bad food (In N Out, Del Taco, Cold Stone... the list goes on) but before Raj I could go to those places once or twice a week and as long as I made fairly decent choices the rest of the days and went to the gym 2-3 times a week and did light exercise, I could stay on track and stay the size I wanted. 

My body just isn't the same anymore. 

I have struggled with deciding if I wanted to do a post like this for a few months now, and I recently decided that if I wanted to share everything with my readers, this was part of the everything of being a first time mom. Plus, I thought, what better way to keep myself on track. 

When I was pregnant with Raj I did a decent job in the beginning of going to the gym regularly, making healthier choices and being mindful of keeping my pregnancy weight on track; but all of that changed once I hit 7 months. The end of the summer heat was brutal, I felt huge, I was tired, I was working full time in a place with no AC and the last thing I could imagine doing at the end of every day was workout. I wanted cold ice cream, a nap under AC and I wanted to rest my growing/swelling feet. By the end of my pregnancy I was "over" caring about my weight, I just wanted comfort. 

After having Raj, I somehow envisioned all of the weight I put on would just magically fall off, kind of as it did when I was a teenager. Everyone told me nursing would burn SO many calories, and that I wouldn't have time to eat. I thought, wow ok this should be easy! Fast forward 7 months, and I will admit, none of that was true for me. It has been a struggle! I nurse, yes, and that does burn calories, but it has also prohibited my body from chemically going back to its "normal" state. Do I have time to prepare and eat regular meals? NO WAY! But instead of starving all day, because I am nursing and taking care of a 7 month old - I need energy. You get energy from food, and these days I grab the first thing I can get my hands on within the 10 minute window I have to think about eating. 

What I have decided recently though, is that life just is what it is. I can continue to come up with a million reasons I can't eat right and exercise and I can continue to carry the excuses, but then I also have to accept that my body will not go back to what it used to be. There isn't anything wrong with what I look like now and I don't care about scale numbers and dress sizes, but I do care about my comfort and health. Diabetes and high blood pressure run in my family, and to me, staying healthy and fit to keep up with Rajan is my number one goal. 

So, what am I going to do about it? For starters, I recruited one of my closest girlfriends Lindsey of Stay Styled Blog who has always managed and maintained such a healthy lifestyle. She doesn't do any trendy diets, nothing too complicated, she just simply eats smart and works out regularly. Lindsey, like myself and everyone else, is incredibly busy all the time. She has her plate full with a full-time job, full time blogging, family obligations and planing a wedding, yet she still manages to eat healthy on the go and maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. I admire that about Lindsey so I asked her to help me out. Her and I meet up every week to do work together and so last week she was sweet enough to come up with an easy, on the road and on the go meal plan. She made the meals simple, easy, but incorporated foods I like and ways to substitute things when eating out. I also have the Weight Watchers online membership which I love and started with my mom a few months back (and then fell off the wagon) and I am blending the two to keep my calorie intake on track. 

Working out has been a struggle because I always have Raj and D works enough hours to be equivalent to two full-time jobs so I have decided to start incorporating Raj into my workouts. He and I love going to the park, so now instead of driving and sitting at the park, I have decided we will walk/run there and once we get there I can do little workouts on our blanket! It is my goal to eventually get back into a gym/workout classes and I am excited to have recently found out a few Barre gyms close to me have child care so I will definitely be checking those places out, but for now, baby steps (literally).

All in all, I have decided for once and for all to do this right. I know and understand that it means it will take time and patience, but what is most important to me is mine and my family's health. I understand I will have slip-ups, and I will have days where I mess up, but I am ready to be held accountable and responsible and plan to learn how to live and be a healthy role model for my son!

"The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new."
- Socrates

Whelp, here we go...!

With love,

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