Monday, June 1, 2015

Weekend Roundup

Weekends are for relaxation and fun and I love nothing more than spending every minute doing all things that make us happy to recharge for the new week. 

Friday night I got invited to Glo Nail Bar in Costa Mesa for their Grand Re-Opening event. The event was hosted by Glo Nail Bar owner Tracy and owner of Tanya Kara Jewelry, Tanya. I had a blast hanging with my favorite blogger babes and we even got to receive some fun spa treatments. I will be sharing more from this event later in the week, all I can say is I found my new mani-go-to spot!

Saturday was pool party day. My nephew/Godson Alex turned 12 last week so my family had a fun pool party for him. Raj loves water but has not actually swam in a pool yet so I was excited for this to be his first experience in a pool. 

Needless to say, he LOVED the water! He was splashing, kicking, and when we put him under he didn't cry or get upset and he was so confident and cool the entire time. 

We took his little baby pool so that he could sit and splash and play and he was so happy playing in there. He probably could have sat there all day if we let him but his poor little toes were turning into raisins so we had to take him out, much to his disapproval. 

Unfortunately, we ended the weekend a little under the weather. Raj woke up Sunday fully congested and not feeling too well. We cancelled our entire day's plans and stayed home and tried our best to keep him as happy and comfortable all day since he has never been sick before, he tried his best to keep a happy smile even though you could see he was worn down. 

We will be spending the first portion of this week getting the little guy feeling better. Lots of cuddles, kisses and aloe vera nose tissue for us!

Happy Monday!

With love,