Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sunday Mod Tones

It is no secret that Sunday is probably our favorite day of the week in the U house. It is the one day we get D all to ourselves and don't usually have a jam packed schedule (or at least we try not to). I love nothing more than waking up on a Sunday morning and either cooking breakfast or going out to brunch and then heading to the beach for a walk or to Target and the mall to get some errands done, all with an extra set of hands (this doesn't happen to often, folks).

Sundays used to be about weekend recovery and naps all day, but now we try to use our time wisely and get some nice family time in so Raj has these memories to grow up with since our lives are so hectic. I don't want all of his childhood memories to be from the carseat since we are always on the go all over SoCal to visit people, so Sundays we try our best to stay local and go only to places surrounding us for fun. 

I feel so lucky that we live just down the street from the Dana Point Farmer's market and the sweetest little flower shop, Browne's Flowers. I love walking in or giving them a call and telling them a color scheme I am going for or a style of bouquet of flowers I like and having them pull some flowers to put together the most beautiful bunches. The girls are so kind and I love having fresh blooms in the house. 

I do not think I will ever get tired of monotone color blocking of MOD colors. Such an easy way to look 'put-together.' I am trying to wear as much white as I can not before Raj hits the age where white is impossible to wear!

Raj is just the funniest kid. It feels so great to see him getting back to himself after being sick the last 2 weeks! He got his first tooth over the weekend so now we officially feel like we have a 'big boy' on our hands, hahaha! I love nothing more than watching him grow.

With love,

Lace blouse//Banana Republic
Linen shorts//Old Navy
Straw beach bag//Gap

Raj's sweater//Gap
Boat shoes//Carter's

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