Thursday, June 4, 2015

Noodle & Boo

One of my favorite compliments I receive when people get to hold or cuddle Rajan is how soft his skin is and much they love his smell. It has kind of become a signature of his and I absolutely love that. D has always been known to have a great cologne collection and he prides himself on his ability to pick great scents, so when it came to picking a signature scent for our little guy, we knew it had to be a great one!

I started doing my research when I was pregnant for the perfect body wash and lotion combo for infants. I grew up on Johnson & Johnson, and although I don't think there is anything wrong with their products, D and I have extremely sensitive skin and I just always knew from the beginning that chances were pretty high for Rajan to be the same. I don't think there is anything better than a fresh powdery smelling newborn, and I feel like Johnson & Johnson's original scent is classic, but I had great fears that it would not be sensitive enough for our little guy and their sensitive and lavender lines were just not cutting it in the "smell good" department. 

We searched high and low, wandered the baby bathing section at Buy Buy Baby and smelled every form of sensitive baby care we could and were just so dissatisfied with the bland scents, some of them being downright offensive smelling! 

Then, we came across a line called Noodle & Boo, and the both of us were swoooooning over its incredibly light, powdery fresh smell. We didn't make the purchase quite yet, because me being the research geek that I am, I wanted to come home and read reviews, check the website, and read every mom forum I could find about the product. What I found were so many great reviews and a product that I felt I could trust to be safe enough for my little guy.

Noodle & Boo contains all natural and chemical free ingredients that are hypoallergenic and sensitive to the skin. Every ingredient is certified organic and the product is made right here in the USA, it is the ultimate in baby luxury skincare. The line is made to be sensitive enough for babies with high allergies and eczema but also moisturizing and nourishing enough for all skin types. The smell is best described as 'heavenly' and actually smells pretty close to Johnson & Johnson's original powder scent. 

Since starting off with the Newborn 2-in-1 and Super Soft Lotion as testers we were so happy to find that Rajan had zero reactions to it since day one, and we have since added multiple products from their line which we love as well - Cleansing WipesBouncing Bubbles and SPF 50 - Play day Broad Spectrum which we have used multiple times and has been such a great sun protector! They carry their products at Nordstrom, Buy Buy Baby and it can also be found on Amazon, so that also makes stocking up pretty easy.

Rajan loves bath time and as a mom I try to do my best to make every activity safe, and that includes the products that I use on him. The great smell of his bathing products was important to me, but definitely not as important as the safety of what we were using, and with Noodle & Boo I was so happy to find that you get both of those covered. 

Bubble baths and splashing are one of the highlights of our day, I honestly don't think Rajan loves anything more than water. I love snapping pictures and videos of him playing and having fun during bath and I know plenty of other moms that do the same. 

Yesterday I challenged everyone who follows on my Instragram @amanda_u_blog to share your Southcoast Movement inspired looks and now I want to see your little one having fun in the bath or pool time - share your adorable pictures using #thesouthcoastmovementinspo and tell me what other great skin care lines you and your little ones live by, I can't wait to see the fun everyone is having!

With love,