Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend Roundup

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, I know ours was full of good times making fun memories!

Friday evening we celebrated my birthday with a very small last minute family dinner that my mom planned. My birthday is April 23 and we were busy celebrating Cheena 2015 (plus I am waiting to go BIG for the 3-0 next year) so we hadn't planned anything to celebrate. Me being a mama's girl, she just couldn't stand the fact that we didn't celebrate so she planned something anyways... she is always so thoughtful with us, I just can't express enough how much I appreciate her love - so Friday night we had a nice dinner with family to celebrate, it was such a wonderful time.

Even though I felt like we weren't going to have time to celebrate this year because of our jam packed schedule, the one true reason I did agree to squeeze something in was for Rajan. Everyone kept telling me that my birthday wouldn't be a big deal anymore because life is 'all about him' but I just can't disagree any more with that; I think the opposite, in fact. It is even more important to me to celebrate mine and D's birthday so that Rajan grows up understanding that his parents are people, too. I think it teaches him to place value on the celebration of others and will teach him that we still hold ourselves with respect and importance and that he should also do the same. Plus, I don't think I have ever been more happy in my life since I have become his mommy, and that alone is something to celebrate!

I absolutely cherish and adore my family and I appreciate everyone who came to make my night so special; we are so thankful for the love that surrounds us and Rajan!

Saturday was family day, we just love our days when D is home. I love this picture so much, you can see the love and adoration that Rajan has for his Daddy!

I had the privilege of helping my little cousin shop for a dress for her 8th grade dance. I remember when she was a tiny little babe and now she is almost off to high school, where does the time go with these kids?! (note Raji bear sleeping so sweetly in the background)

And of course, how could I not confess my love for the Royal Family! We were in suspense all weekend awaiting the new baby's arrival and then couldn't wait to hear her name. I squealed with excited when I found out her name was Charlotte Elizabeth Diana - my middle name is Charlotte (named after my grandmother) and I have always dreamed of it being my first name! I am going to go ahead and pretend they named her Charlotte after me, haha!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend, I am so excited that this weekend is Mother's Day!!! It is my first official Mother's Day and I can not wait to share all of the fun posts I have planned for this week in honor of my first year as a Mommy!

With love,

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