Thursday, May 14, 2015

Rajan's 1/2 Birthday

What can I say about this little guy that I haven't said already? He is the light of our lives and our greatest accomplishment yet. He has the most magnetic personality and anyone who has the opportunity to meet him knows that he holds a special kind of energy that will captivate you instantly. He is sweet, gentle, but also so fun, playful and silly. Where Darshan and I are quiet and shy, he is outgoing and friendly and will instantly bring a smile to your face with his charming eyes and personality. 

He is a mama's boy, but Daddy is the apple of his eye and there is nothing that will make his face glow more than when Daddy walks into the room. In the short 6 months that he has been on this earth he has managed to bring out the best in Darshan and I and he continues to teach us the importance of living life to the fullest with smiles on our faces.

Rajan is a little guy with an old soul and when you look into his eyes you can see that he is wise beyond his years. He is curious, a thinker, and already has such a vibrant passion for life. 

He loves being outside, playing with toys, watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates, listening to music, talking to strangers, and snuggling with Mommy and Daddy in the morning. He hates the dark, laying on his tummy and when he is hungry he lets everyone know it!

He makes us so proud to be his parents and I love waking up every morning to see him grow another day older. These last 6 months seem so short in comparison to the huge impact Rajan has made on all our hearts and our lives. I cherish his kisses, savor the moments and try my best to slow my life down so that I can enjoy his with him.

Rajan, you are everything we are not and you embody the best of the both of us. 
We love you with our entire hearts and are so honored you chose us to be your parents.

With love,
Daddy & Mommy

Thank you to the amazingly talented Hollywood Rose for the most perfect custom celebration banner!