Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mother's Day: Gift Guide

I am so beyond thrilled to kick off this Mother's Day week on The Southcoast Movement. I am dedicating this entire week to mom hood and all of its glory - the highs, the lows, and everything in between. First off, I am putting together a list of some Mother's Day gift ideas and sharing my absolute favorite space to be with Raj and my love, Mr. D.

My absolute, most favorite place in the world - my bed, morning time, with my little guy and his Daddy right next to me. I just do not think there is any better feeling than the complete fullness my heart experiences in those moments when the three of us can just lay in bed, laugh, and snuggle in the morning sunshine. I am so beyond thankful for these mornings and feel so grateful for the two best guys I get to share them with!

Now on to the gift giving...
I thought long and hard about these items, and thought about what would be fun to receive myself as a new/first-time mom, and also thought about what kinds of things I think I would want even 20 years from now. I tried to think of some different, out of the box gift ideas that people do not usually associate as "Mother's Day" gifts but rather more long term "feel good" gifts. 

Sure, the massages are wonderful and probably deserved quite possibly daily, weekly or monthly for all of the moms out there, but sometimes an hour on a massage bed after spending hours trying to find a babysitter and then returning home to chaos and a mess that you are going to have to clean up after just doesn't do it for so many moms. If you're gonna do it - do it right! Take a day, put some sponges and brooms in the kid's hands and send mom off to an entire day ALONE at the spa and let her return to a sparkling house with dinner on the table. Sound like too much to pull off? 
Maybe these will help give you some alternate ideas...

1. Heels. Yes, high heels. Good ones, tall ones, and something that will make mom not feel like mom anymore. Just because she is a mother now or has been for many years, doesn't mean she is no longer that woman still deep inside that she was before that. Help her feel like her old self and gift her with something that will spark that confidence again. No, this isn't the most "practical" gift, but who wants practical when they can feel like a woman again? Help her ditch the burp cloths and bring back some of her old self.


2. A beautiful bathrobe. I know I am not the only woman who hates wearing my clothes while doing hair and makeup. It can be such huge risk with so many mishaps just waiting to happen: spilled makeup, hair product, and wrinkling your clothes are all very scary possibilities. I love nothing more than feeling pretty while I am getting ready... I love wearing a nice bathrobe and feeling comfortable and confident when putting myself together; it brightens my mood and makes the process so much less restricted. 


3. A Keurig one-cup coffee maker. This has honestly been one of my favorite things in the house since I got it and I use it all day long. I can not tell you how many pots of coffee I have brewed over the last few months and then while waiting for the coffee to finish brewing have walked away and been distracted with Raj only to remember 5 hours later that I never drank my coffee, WOMP WOMP!! I love that when I am ready for it, I stick my cup under the maker and the most perfect cup of coffee is done in 30 seconds and ready to drink. I also feel like a pro when guests come over and I can offer them a delicious cup of tea or hot cocoa!


4. A great bag. Make her feel good, look good, and let that encouragement last as long as a great piece of leather hanging from her arm.

5. A ring. This one, I admit, is quite a stretch. I understand the expense behind it, but I know that I have been dreaming of filling up my left ring finger with stacks of beautiful bands since I can remember. I always loved the idea of having bands to represent each of our weddings (we had two) and then thought it would be even more awesome to also have one band per kid. I love the idea of stacking 3-4 mismatched bands and I think it looks so beautiful! This, for me, is a dream gift!


I hope this list brings a little help your way! Remember that even though the mom in your life probably revolves her entire world around her kids and her family, does not mean there isn't still little bit of her old self still in there just dying to come out every now and then. I love being a mom more than anything in the entire world, but I also love feeling like the 'old' me every so often, and I am sure your mom does as well - plus, she deserves it!!

"I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom!"

With love,