Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mini Shopper

I get asked pretty often where I buy all of Raj's adorable outfits from. It is no secret by now that I am quite the shopper and fashion lover, and everyone who knows D and I well also knows that he is a shopper as well (lets just say his shoe closet can give mine a run for its money). What happens when you take two people who love to shop and you give them a baby? It means we now have even more of a reason to shop, and I must admit, we love it! 

I have decided to compile a list of my favorite places to shop for Raj as well as my favorite baby clothing brands. On any given week day, you are likely to find Raj and I in causal and comfortable clothes. We love being on the go and we love play time and it is important to me that he and I always feel comfortable in what we wear; but likewise, when we have somewhere important to go, we love for Raj to look his best and D and I believe in the importance of teaching young children to always dress appropriately for occasions. 

I would call Raj's style 'classic & current.' I love seeing him in classic little boy's clothes like polos, plaid, and jumpsuits but I also love some of the awesome current baby trends like moccasins, slim fit denim and cool little tees. 

Our go-to baby shops:
Baby Gap: I am always on the lookout for their 40% off sales and it is safe to say that 75% of Raj's closet is full of Baby Gap. I love their little boy's line and love that they make clean, traditional, classic little boy's clothing.

H&M Baby: if you are looking to get the most out of a buck, this is a great place to go. Tees that start at $7 and jeans as low at $15, you really can not go wrong. I love the way their pants fit because it is really tough to find pants for baby boys that are not too baggy or loose and their pants fit slim but not too skinny, it is an added bonus that all of their baby denim is super soft!

Peek Kids: D actually discovered this store while I was pregnant and one day came home with three (yes, three!) shopping bags full of clothes that he had purchase all on his own from one of their stores. We absolutely love this brand and though it can be a bit pricey, the quality and style are so great that sometimes we let ourselves splurge when it is for something important! They also carry this line at Nordstrom which makes it super easy to find.

Freshly Picked: in my opinion, every little one needs at least one pair of baby moccasins, they have got to be the cutest baby accessory out there!

Little Me: this line is also carried at Nordstrom and can often be found at Nordstrom Rack. This is in our top fav mostly because of their PJ line; they are our absolute favorite to buy for Raj. Their onsie PJs are incredibly soft and thick, but breathable. They make Raj feel so cuddly and soft but are not too thick where he wakes up in a sweat. 

Burberry Baby: ok so I obviously understand the importance of not spending too much money on an outfit for kids because they grow so fast, get things dirty and their stuff just does not last long, but I will admit that Burberry Baby is the one thing we will splurge on for very special occasions from time to time. Raj spent his very first photo shoot, Christmas and Easter in Burberry and although I know the baby clothing buying rule-of-thumb, I also know that there is just nothing more adorable than a little guy in just a touch of tan plaid!

It is no secret we have fun dressing Raj and I can say with confidence that I am not the only shopper in this family since D is honestly usually the one who comes home with bags full of new outfits for Raj. Day to day I am always sure to save money where I can with his clothes but for those special occasions, I am not afraid to splurge a little and I refuse to apologize for that!

Where are you fav places to shop for your babes? I am always looking for great new brands to try out and I would love to get some tips on smaller shops!

With love,

Shop my look:
Old Navy camouflage skinny jeans (old) - similar herehere and here
Chanel espadrilles (not sold online) - similar herehere and here

Raj's look:
Baby Gap tee (sold out) - similar here
Peek pants (sold out) - similar here