Thursday, May 28, 2015

His gone Hers

I talked a little bit yesterday about how fun it can be to incorporate menswear inspired pieces into your wardrobe to change things up a bit. With boyfriend jeans and over-sized clothing such a huge trend, it is clear to see that men are not the only ones that can have all of the fun. I love a good guy-inspired blazer and I am such a layering fanatic that you will often see me wearing casual pieces that I will change up a bit with an added piece on top - leather jacket, oversized sweater, or blazer. 

The one thing I love about this blazer is the double-button front. That has come back in style in mens suits recently and I love that this blazer has that 80's mens suit look to it with the double buttons on front. The color is so on point and I have probably worn this blazer countless times unbuttoned over dresses and over graphic tees with flats from time to time. 

Pairing the pretty tones and "business-like" blazer and accessories with my favorite distressed denim made this look a little less formal and made it perfect to wear to a casual dinner with friends or for a night out on the town. I love mixing styles of clothing to giving pieces an entirely fresh new look by mixing them up. I sometimes feel guilty for having such an erratic style because I am always switching from casual to girly, preppy to rocker and everything else in between, but I can't help that I feel best dressing to my mood and what makes me 'feel' good, and as with most girls my moods tend to change from day to day!

I put this black top with a tail under because I like that it kind of added a 'coat tail' look. One thing I love about layering is when you can get a peek at all of the pieces worn. This blazer hits perfectly at the waist and this top added a 3 dimensional look. 

When I am picking out clothing I tend to buy based on my mood and what I am feeling that day. My style is always changing and I like that when I have inspiration from something I see I can go into my closet and pull out so many different pieces to get a final look I feel good in. I have never been one to wear anything I don't feel confident in; its my personal belief that confidence it always your best accessory! 

With love,

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