Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekend Roundup: #Cheena2015 Wedding Edition

Chintan and Neena are MARRIED!!!

That sentence was so crazy to write out and I still can not believe the wedding of the year is over. This last week we had so much fun celebrating Chin and Neena's wedding with all of the fun events they have been spending months planning. Chintan is D's cousin who he has always considered as more of a brother and Neena is his new beautiful wife, but most importably one of my closest/best friends. They are the Godparents to our son and our right-hand couple... to say we have been eagerly looking forward to this event is an understatement! 

The wedding festivities began last Wednesday and we concluded the week's festivities with a celebratory family dinner on Sunday evening - for those of you who don't know, Indian weddings typically last 3-5 days. Every single day was filled from morning til night making some of the best memories that we will all hold on to for life and I can say with pride that it is an honor to call these two beautiful people my brother and sister!

(photo with the beautiful bride from the Wedding Ceremony Day)

Wednesday was our Mehndi day where we got the traditional henna done on our hands to officially kick off the wedding celebrations!

Thursday was my Birthday and we had to be up bright and early so my amazing Mom surprised me with coffee and donuts in bed before our busy day started. 

Thursday we celebrated Graha Shanti which is a religious ceremony done with the family before the wedding ceremony and process can begin. 

Friday was the wedding ceremony. D and I were honored to have been a bridesmaid and groomsmen and Chin and Neena named Rajan as one of their miniature groomsmen, he looked SO handsome in his traditional Kurta (mens Indian clothing).

Saturday we had the time of our lives at the reception and celebrated the newly married Mr. and Mrs.

What a fantastic week it was. I still can not get over all of the beauty and perfection of the week and am SO proud of my sis and bro for planning such an amazing event!! 

Congratulations to my two favorite people on officially being 

With love,