Sunday, April 12, 2015

Throwback: U Family Baby Announcement 2014

To clarify first and foremost - I am not pregnant again... these pictures are a throwback, haha!!

Ok, now that we cleared that up before any ideas started circulating, I wanted today's post to be a little throwback to exactly one years ago when we gave one of the best announcements to all of our family and friends that we were finally having a baby! 

In order to make the announcement absolutely perfect, D and I decided to team up with one of our favorite photograghers Square Eye, who also photographed our wedding, to do a little announcement photo shoot. We had so much fun taking these photos with our photogragher Edna and you can see the excitement, joy, and absolute sense of peace and happiness shining through in our faces. These photos also rank as my top favorite ever taken of D - he was a glowing daddy-to-be! 

For the record, it is very rare for anyone to catch D smiling in a photo so when Edna was able to snap this one of him laughing it felt like a miracle! I absolutely loooove these photos of him!

As everyone knows our sweet little guy arrived on 10-24-15. I can not believe that these photos were taken over a year ago and I find it even more difficult to believe that Raj will be 6 months old in two weeks... where is the time going? Who knows!! All I do know is that I am loving every minute!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!!

With love,