Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mom in Heels

When I was pregnant I was told so often that once I had the baby there would be so many things I would not want to do anymore - work, do my makeup, wear heels... I remember thinking to myself how scary that sounded and I remember promising myself over and over to never give up any of those things - I am so proud to say that I have kept my promise thus far!

First of all - I am who I am. I don't think there is any person, thing or event that will change that. Will there be some things that change throughout my life: hobbies, activities, career goals, etc? Of course, I am ok with that. On the flip side, there are also just so many things that define who I am and I refuse, no matter what the circumstance, to waver on those things. 

As a new mom, I will admit that keeping my word on not losing sight of who I am and who I have always been has been a challenge. There are days when taking a proper shower feels equivalent to ending world hunger and I admit that there have been plenty of days where I ditch the mascara and opt for sweats, in fact, those are my favorite days! But every few days, I make it a point to get myself completely ready - hair, makeup, and a great pair of shoes. 

Mom in heels, check.
Makeup on the regular, check.
Career... growing bigger than ever before...
  I have never been more driven and determined in my entire life to make something of myself. I want more, I want to be more, and I want to earn and give more. There have been so many recent changes as to what those are and what they entail, but the one thing that has not changed - my drive for success. For me, it is just so much more important than it has ever been my entire life. 

Motherhood isn't about losing who you once were, it is about taking who you once were, and making that person better, stronger, and more fierce than you could have ever imagined! 

I want more, and I will be more.

With love,

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