Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Casual Chic with denim on denim

Happy Hump Day! 

Hump Day, is it strange that I absolutely hate that term? 
What I don't hate is that it is Wednesday and we are almost to the weekend, yeahhhh! 

I also really don't hate denim. Actually, I love denim. Like, could live in, sleep in, wear every day, all day, on top of my head and all the way town to my feet live in denim. 
I don't really know if thats a California thing or the 90's kid in me... but it is an honest fact.

Since I clearly have a passionate love for denim - its pretty clear why I love this look. I remember when wearing denim on denim used to be such a major fashion faux pas but I appreciate that over the last couple year it has become acceptable and even very fashion forward to wear denim in new unique and chic combinations; it is even acceptable when on a night out, I feel that there is nothing more chic than denim jeans and fab pumps!

I bought these awesome American Eagle boyfriend jeans after I had Raj because they were stretchy enough for comfort but had a "real" denim look so they still looked nice and not too 'these are my Thanksgiving pants-ish'. They have been perfect for the transition from post baby larger days to more recently since shedding a few of those baby lbs (slowly but surely). I also have such a special place in my heart for American Eagle - Darshan and I used to work there and that is actually where we met while in college. Yup, American Eagle, making fairy tales a reality. 

The dainty layered necklace was the perfect touch for this look. I am usually a button all the way to the top kind of gal, but lately I have been digging a more casual look and feel and leaving some top buttons open - adding the necklace under the blouse really pulled this entire look together!

Denim, heels, and dainty necklace - this is one happy mama! 

Did I mention all American Eagle denim is on SALE right now!! SCORE!

With love,