Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekend Roundup

Hey all! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and I hope your Monday wasn't too awful. Raji and I snuck away to the beach this afternoon for his first visit and I can not wait to share pictures with everyone here on the blog... he LOVED it! 

We had a fun, but pretty busy weekend. Family, friends, picnics... you name it, I feel like we did it this weekend.

I am still on the mend from my first few days back to work last week, what an adjustment that has been! Leaving Rajan was pretty difficult and I feel like this week is still going to be a bit of a struggle, I am just praying at some point I learn to deal with it. I feel like I really needed this weekend to surround myself with family and friends who are all my biggest support team. Sometimes life changes and adjustments can be pretty tough, and I have the tendency to want to perfect everything I do in life, and the fact that leaving Rajan for work has been so difficult really weighed heavy on my heart. As a hard working, career driven woman, I NEVER thought I would have such a hard time going back to work... but as Rajan's mommy, it has been one of the most heartbreaking weeks of my life. I can not thank my friends and family who were really there for me last week and talking me through the tears, I am forever grateful to the wonderful people I am surrounded by. 

On Friday we celebrated my Dad's birthday (Rajan's Papa). My Dad is the BIGGEST Beatles fan and growing up that is all we would listen to with him; when I was pregnant he had picked up this rad Beatles shirt for Raj and it happened to fit him so perfectly for my Dad's birthday dinner! The older Rajan gets the more people are starting to say he resembles my dad and I... sometimes I see it, and sometimes all I can see is Darshan in him, hahaha! 

Saturday I had a sorority Alumnae Family Picnic I attended. I feel like no matter how old I get, Alpha Phi and my sisters will always hold such a special place in my heart. I grew up so much while I was in chapter and learned so many life lessons with my sisters that our bond goes so deep that they really are my family. I love seeing where life has taken all of us.

After the picnic we had a fun backyard play date with one of our best friends, Kellie and Brett.  The have the sweetest boys and Rajan and his buddy Clayton are only 3 weeks apart, I love seeing them grow together and can't wait to see the trouble our boys get into together. Kellie has been one of my greatest supports since I have become a mother and I honestly love every second I am with her, I don't know what I would ever do without her.

Sunday mornings are pretty much one of my favorite times of the week, I love waking up slowly with Raj and D and staying in bed a little longer for the best cuddle sessions - oh the BEST feeling in the world is snuggle time with my guys.

Hey little guy, wanna slow down on the growing up you have been doing lately?? For the first time he sat up by himself in his Bumbo and look at how proud he is of himself!! I love it. 

Well, back to work tomorrow and lots of great things planned for this week - business meetings, helping D with PCH, and so much more planned, I am already ready for the weekend! 
Hope everyone enjoys their week. 

With love,